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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Too many things...

So I had all these grand ideas for things I wanted to get done yesterday...yeah, about that...most of it didn't happen.

So, on to today. What am I going to do today? Knit. Of course I'm going to knit. I have things to finish within the next 8 days. So yeah, I have to knit. Clean. Yes, I need to clean. I cleaned in the guest bedroom and guest bathroom yesterday. I didn't finish but at least I got the boxes emptied out and removed from the bathroom. Honestly, all I have to do in there is sweep, Tilex the shower, and clean the counter and the guest bathroom is done. The guest bedroom isn't going to be as easy...but, it's not "messy" exactly, I just have a lot of things in there that shouldn't be in there. I think I'm going to have to make a run to The Society of St. Vincent de Paul today (aka "Vinny's") to get rid of some things (like the five bags of clothes that are sitting in there). But, really, my focus should be on the kitchen, dining room, and living room. And it will be. Maybe not today......but it will be before next Friday. Oh, and the other important thing I'm going to be doing today: I have to meet with the lawyer. Let's see if he remembers to show up this time. The last time I was supposed to meet with him (in December) for a will and for pre-maritial agreements, he didn't show...didn't call...didn't remember. And I e-mailed him about it...and never heard anything back. So, I was kinda ticked. Unfortunately, I have to meet with this particular lawyer this time because he was the one that wrote up the Power of Attorney paperwork for my grandparents...and with my name change, he has to write an addendum to the POA saying that I've changed my name. So, yeah...I'm going to be beyond pissed off if he doesn't show up again.

And, what happened to yesterday? I think I got sick. I got a headache yesterday afternoon and I wound up taking a nap before I went to my knitting group. That was fine and dandy. The headache didn't go away but I figure it was one of my frequent "Feed Me", I fed it cheese and some soda. Yeah, that didn't help. I stayed at my knitting group long enough to wind two skeins of yarn, knit two rows on my scarf (i.e. 32 stitches), and say, "hi" to Meggie. Then I went home. When I got home, I proceeded to throw up a couple of times, and go to sleep around 7:15pm last night. Aside from getting up around 1:15am for a pee and taking out my contacts, I slept solid from probably 7:30pm last night until 8:15am this morning. I feel headache is still there a teeny tiny little bit but I think I'll be able to eat something today.

Anyway...on to my day. Perhaps I'll be able to post some fun pictures later...or not. Whatever.

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