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Saturday, August 22, 2009

True Confessions....of a Yarn Addict

I call myself a "yarn addict" but, really, am I a true addict of the fibers? Let's be honest, my stash is not that impressive (I'll post pictures eventually)...I just have a lot of different types of yarn. I tend to buy things in sets of two...because, if nothing else, I can always make a scarf or hat. That doesn't mean that I only buy things in sets of two; it just means I can always make something out of it because I have at least two.

I have cheap yarn from Wal*Mart that I bought ages ago. Acrylic. 100%. Good for dishclothes and pot holders.

I have uber-expensive yarn from the LYSs (Woodland Studios, Off The Beaten Path Yarn House, Dragonfly Yarn Shop, etc.).

I have needles coming out of my ears. I have bags full of patterns. Binders on shelves with more. Oh, and let's not forget the endless books.

But, really, does that make me a true "yarn addict"....or am I just a wannabe?

True confession: As much as I love yarn and knitting, I often wonder if I'm just a wannabe.

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