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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wedding goodness and new projects

Okay, I think it's safe to post pictures of what the guys got from us for the wedding. I made each and every one of the guys scarves for their present. Now, I should probably mention that I found the pattern on Ravelry or on one of the yarn brand's websites...I don't really remember offhand where I got the pattern. Anyway, I have the pattern somewhere (a hard copy) and I don't need to reproduce it here. I got two skeins of yarn for each scarf, in 8/9 cases I used Lion's Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.

Anyway, here's a picture :)
This is Matt and Tricia. Matt was the best man in the wedding. He modeled his scarf for us.

Here's another picture :) This is the one I made for Brian's brother, Patrick. His was made out of two skeins of Mountain Colors Hand Painted Yarns in Evergreen. I just hope he likes and uses it.....because that one was expensive.

Anyway, I made the guys scarves. Oh, and the entire wedding party got hand-made ceramic beer mugs with their names on them (as modeled here by Rob and the other Matt).

So, those are some of the wedding photos...perhaps I'll make an actual post with wedding photo pictures, as opposed to a few random ones.

Or not.

Anyway, just before the wedding, when I was madly working to finish all the scarves for the groomsmen, I happened to be at knitting night at my LYS (Woodland Studios) and Cindy Lou had just finished a sweater that, for some reason, I just fell in love with. Well, fast forward two weeks and I've been dreaming about making a, seriously, I have literally been having dreams about making a sweater. Anyway, I decided I wanted to make the sweater she had I bought a shitton of yarn (Berroco Peruvia Quick in Gris Marengo....basically, it's a grey color) and the pattern book (which has other sweater patterns and scarf patterns...and I'm liking those, too). I think I'm going to have to do a swatch for this because Cindy Lou is a loose knitter and I suspect that I'm a rather tight knitter. Her and I talked about it a little...she's seen some of the work I've done and she says I should be able to do it without any huge problem and that if I have questions, I can just bring it in and we'll figure it out.

So, I'm embarking on my first sweater. Oh, and I'm still working on my first sock...and I think I managed to drop stitches or something (or maybe I just can't count) so I may just start that over using an actual pattern, as opposed to just starting. We'll see.

Hmmm...what else, what else...

OH! I started school after Brian and I got back from our honeymoon. I think it's going to kick my ass. I'm taking an art class which will be my "fun" class but it's also going to take up a ton of my time because I'm so damn anal. I'm actually taking five classes but four of them are education oriented....I have two Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education classes (RPSE), a Communicative Disorders class, and an Education Policy class...and then my art class. So, I have a ton of education classes and I felt that I needed something to make my days happier.

And and AND! I got myself a new toy (besides books and art supplies and such)...I got a new MacBook Pro this past Monday :) Yea for me! Brian, being the Mac geek that he is, set it up and did some other things to it...and I'm having fun with it.

Okay, I think that's all I have for right now......perhaps more later this week. I dunno.

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