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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I've been incredibly productive today. I thought I would share. So far, I've been to the chiropractor, Dollar General (I needed my body wash and it's cheaper to go there than even Wal*Mart), and the bank. Not only that, I put my clean laundry away (and managed to fill up my basket again...guess that means more laundry tomorrow), cleaned the bathroom counters and sinks, I rinsed the bathtub (though I still need to clean around it on the ledge), cleaned the stove (I had to get out my steamer for that), paid some bills, and tried to clean off the counters a bit.

Unfortunately, I need to stop because I have class this afternoon. And then I work tonight. *sigh*

But, on the upside, tomorrow is Wednesday which means it's knitting night :)

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