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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finals and knitting and Christmas (oh my!)


Have I mentioned that I hate finals? I have a test today, in a little over two hours. I have a paper to write that's due on Monday. I have no idea how I'm going to do on my test. I've studied. I think I know the general points. But, am I really ready for this test? Probably not. Should I be studying? Probably. I've been studying all day, thus far. So, studying at this point probably won't help (especially as I'm planning to leave in the next half hour to get to said test on time).

I'm also having knitting woes. I need to tink probably three rows on the shawl I'm making for Sherri. But, I'm scared about dropping stitches and having to attempt to pick them up or having to frog the entire thing and start over.

Oh, and my back and knee are killing me right now. They're better than they were yesterday (and they were much better from yesterday to the day before)...but they're still hurting. Walking has been okay, sitting has been difficult, and getting in/out of the car or up/down from sitting (or laying) have been extremely painful.


Why now? Why all at once?

Oh, and in other news/events: we've decided to do Christmas with the part of Brian's family that aren't being jerks.

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