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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I left LSG (Ravelry group, if you're clueless).

The last few times I've posted anything, I have basically been told that I'm stupid, that my husband's stupid, and that I have no right to say anything because I'm so stupid.

I'm not stupid and I'm really tired of people telling me I am.

So, I left. Oh well.


  1. Ugh, yeah. Sometimes they are really nice and supportive. Other times, they are the bullies smoking in the girl's bathroom that shove you in the toilet. Like anything else, it's a clique. They do their thing, and like their people, and heaven forbid you aren't as OMGLIBERAL as them. It sucks, because I used to be able to get very good advice there on pretty much anything, including knitting! After a misconstrued thread a couple of months ago, though, I think I've been pushed under the ignore bus, since nobody ever responds to anything anymore. Meh. I'm not too big on forums to begin with, and it really does turn into a horrible time sink sometimes.

    Oh, and holy crap! I'd read the original post and left on my merry way, but damn did it go up in flames fast!

  2. And because this is just too appropriate!

  3. Yeah. Tell me about it. All I wanted to do was to inform people to think before they do certain things where copyright could be called into question...and now, well, it's been archived (thank God) and I've left LSG as a result.

    Oh well.

  4. Oh, and agreed on the pic (too bad it didn't post)'s all too appropriate.