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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Every breath you take

I've actually been knitting lately! I'm so proud of myself...except that I wound up frogging my Estonian Lace Socks. I figured out I was doing the left twist incorrectly (I was slipping the first stitch instead of skipping it). Normally, I would be able to just tink it back, right? Yeah, that didn't happen. While I was tinking, I dropped several (somewhere around seven or eight) stitches and didn't notice and/or couldn't catch them before they fell back five or ten rows. So, I frogged the sock. That sucked. I was not happy about that. But, at least I wasn't that far into the sock so it wasn't like I was ripping back an entire sock. It still sucked though.

Besides my sock issues, my Icarus Shawl has been coming along nicely. I actually finished a full chart repeat and didn't screw it up or cry. However, I put a lifeline in after the chart just in case I screw it up (which is likely). We'll see.

I've also been dealing with my little kiddies. The one that caused the fist fight on the second day has either been dropped from the program (unlikely) or has been moved to a different site (extremely likely). Aside from that one, we also had another one move, quite possibly out of state, if not out of the country entirely. But, on the upside, we added a kid to our group so we have sixteen kids. This is a pretty good number, especially when we have two or three or four absent every day. It works out pretty well.

The parasite seems to be doing what it should be. I won't know more until I go to the doctor next week. And even then, no ultrasound has been scheduled and I'm perfectly fine with this. My medical bills are high enough, thank you very much. I just got the first one paid off (and it meant dipping into money that I don't really have but I do - meaning that I dipped into the money that will be needed to pay property taxes). I'm hoping that this crap ends when Brian gets hired.

Anyway...that's probably enough out of me right now. I think I'm going to wander off and get ready to go to work and such (woo).

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