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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sockies :)

I've decided that I needed a "new" project. I'm still working on my Icarus Shawl and self-designed baby blanket. However, I get into these moods where I find that I need something else to work on. I have a (not-yet-felted) bag and a scarf on needles from the "before time" (before I really had any idea what I was doing) and I occasionally work on those. I wanted something new. And I've been having the sock urge. So, I started a new sock. I ripped out the one I had been working on awhile ago because I had forgotten what I did (how many stitches I cast on, for example). This time, I know exactly what I did because I've been keeping track. It's not based on any pattern so I have to keep track. It looks like it's going to be between a mid-calf and an ankle sock (which is fine). I started it on Tuesday afternoon, worked on it for awhile yesterday, and I turned the heel today. Eventually, I'll write out the pattern and post it...but not until I'm finished with them :)

Aside from the sock, I'm looking for another something to make...ideas? Anyone?

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