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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MKG, socks, and other things...

I suppose it's fitting that this is my 100th post on this blog and I'll be briefly discussing last night's meeting of the Madison Knitters' Guild. Why is this important? Because August 2010 was the 100th "birthday" of the knitting goddess, Elizabeth Zimmermann, and our speaker last night was EZ's daughter, Meg Swansen :)

Seriously, how have I lived my knitting life without knitting anything by either Meg or EZ?! I think I always had this vision that the patterns were old-fashioned and not really something I'd like. And then I saw them "live" last night and, really, I think I need to have everything either of them have ever designed. I've been wanting to make a surprise jacket (or a baby one)...but there are some other ones that I never would have looked twice at that I'm now thinking I need to make.

Besides that, Meg Swansen is an amazing speaker. She's down to earth, witty, and basically reminds me a bit of myself...tends to get off track, anecdotal, etc. She was just fun to listen to. I'm also looking forward to the new book that will be coming out. It's title (working title?) is Knit One, Knit All and it's set to contain 40 unpublished EZ patterns (well, "unpublished" as in "not published previously in a book"). I'm thinking that next year I may try to get into her Knitting Camp, as well.

While at the aforementioned meeting, I finished the first of my basic socks from Vogue Knitting...okay, the only thing I didn't do was the kitchener stitch because I didn't want to try to concentrate on that while at the meeting. So, I did that at home. I'm hoping to have the socks done by the Knit In...that's about a month away (literally, 32 days away). We shall see.

I'm also working on my Ahava Shawl, my Icarus Shawl, Little Man's blanket and hat. Somewhere I have a bag on needles, too....somewhere. And I still haven't located my Multidirectional Scarf that I was making for my "niece." My husband threw it in a box a couple months ago when we were cleaning the living room and I don't know where the box went. I think it's in my office...but I'm not entirely sure about that and I've been too lazy to go look. It's not a big deal.

Other than that, I've been spending my days with Little Man, cleaning supplies, and my new spinning wheel. Yes, I bought a spinning wheel last week :) I still haven't taken pictures...I want to take a nice picture of it and I will...I just haven't yet.

I think that I need to wander off...Little Man is waking up from a short nap and I should play with him :)

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