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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Too Long...

It's been entirely too long since I wrote a proper entry...not that I have a lot to say.

Little Man has his 4 month appointment on Wednesday.

I haven't been knitting or spinning nearly as much as I want...but I've been buying yarn and roving. Sheep in the City was the weekend of February 25th. I went on Friday and bought much in the way of yarn and roving: Samantha in Stitches, Sun Valley Fibers, corn yarn, silk/merino roving, corriedale roving, handmade soap...a bunch of stuff :) One of the skeins of yarn I bought is going in a swap (so photographs will come after the box has been sent & opened)...but I'm selfish with the rest.

Knit-In is coming up in a couple of weeks and the Sally Melville classes I'm taking are coming in April.

Other than that, there isn't much going on my world.

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  1. being selfish is more then due it sounds like. Looking forward to pics of your swap item. Its been a long while since doing a swap....