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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Self-Imposed Year of Projects: Update #16

Based on the number of weeks (16), we can deduce that I have been participating in my Self-Imposed Year of Projects for four months.........which isn't quite right because there aren't a perfect number of days per month. But, I've been going now for sixteen weeks...and it's about four months. Let's see how things are going, shall we?

1. Claudia: started January 3, 2012; finished January 10, 2012
2. Mama's Simple Skyp Socks: started May 22, 2011; finished January 9, 2012
3. Little Man's Cobblestone Baby Blanket: started July 2010; finished February 2, 2012
4. Dalek Dishcloth: started February 6, 2012; finished February 8, 2012
5. Baby Traveling Vines Socks: started September 18, 2010; finished February 17, 2012
6. Snail Hat: started February 18, 2012; finished February 19, 2012
7. Lothlorien Hat: started January 25, 2012; finished March 5, 2012

1. Mama's Vanilla Socks: started December 6, 2011
2. Little Man's Giraffe: started May 11, 2011
3. Icarus Shawl: Started March 15, 2010
4. Honey Badger Don't Give a Shit Socks: started January 23, 2012
5. Pine Forest Baby Blanket: started February 21, 2012
6. Hermione's Everyday Socks: started March 6, 2012
7. Habitat: started April 10, 2012

I've been spending most of my extremely limited knitting time working on the Pine Forest Baby Blanket and my Habitat hat...for the most part. I've worked on Mama's Vanilla Socks, too. Normally, my knitting time is just limited....but with the opening of Pottermore, I've been spending some of my knitting time there. It could be worse. I'm just feeding an obsession that began long before my knitting.

With that said, don't expect much in the way of actual progress for awhile.

Let's talk about my socks, first, though (my vanilla socks)...I'm a little worried. I never swatch for anything, much less socks. So, here I am, just about ready to do the heel flap and I'm wondering if these socks even fit. I'm thinking I'm going to put them on circulars and try them on. I have a bad feeling that these socks aren't going to fit me...and I'm making them for myself. I'm going to be totally bummed if I have to rip them out and start over. I may wind up doing these on two circulars, too....after I buy more circulars, of course. 

Also, I decided that I'm going to participate in Ravelympics this year...which isn't until the end of July so I have some time to wind yarn and figure out what I'm going to work on. So far, I'm on Team Tardis. We're bigger on the inside. I may join one more group and do something completely different. We'll see. I think for Team Tardis I'm going to make My Little Slug (hey, it's an alien...) or the Freeport Vest.

Oh, and speaking of things I'm participating in (or things I'm wanting to do), I'm also going to be doing the Third Annual Knit & Crochet Blog Week (which starts tomorrow - so expect a full week's worth of posts...every day). I don't think I'm going to win any of the fabulous prizes but I'm still participating. I'm even going to throw in the bonus question one of the days...haven't decided which one yet.

Anyway, onward...

1. Hermione Hearts Ron
2. Ogre Babies!
3. NIN Hat
4. Brandon Ribbed Beanie
5. Godric's Hollow Hat
6. Raglan Hat
7. Bergen Street Tuque
8. Nolan
9. Simple Baby Cap #1
10. Candy Cane
11. Little Pumpkin

1. Freeport Vest
2. Hippo
3. My Little Slug
4. Shaun (as in Shaun the Sheep)
5. Curly Snake
6. Penelope the Empathetic Monster totals stand thusly:
FOs: 7 projects
WIPs: 7 projects
Planned: 17 projects
TOTAL: 31 projects

How are things going with you?


  1. I really hope your socks fit and I'm looking forward to reading your posts all week.
    My son got one of the early places on pottermore last October and he just loves it, I loose my computer each night while hes on it lol, hes a total Harry Potter nut.

  2. Definitely try on those socks - it's much better to know sooner rather than later! My fingers are crossed for you.

    Hey, thanks for reminding me! Ravelympics! I better start looking at patterns and make some decisions!

  3. Try on the socks, I nearly cried when my last pair didn't fit! And I was a Pottermore beta tester, it's great isn't it? Can't wait for the second book to come out!

  4. I hope the socks fit! That would be heartbreaking if they didn't, unless you can gift them to someone else?

    Enjoy your Pottermore time, it's good to have a variety of hobbies even if there is inevitably not enough time to do them all justice.