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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Self-Imposed Year of Projects: Update #27


I feel like the only time I ever post anything is on Sundays anymore...and that's probably true. In fact, looking back on my blog, four out of the last seven posts have been SIYOP updates. 

Anyway, let's talk about my SIYOP lists...

First of all, we have........

1. Claudia: started January 3, 2012; finished January 10, 2012
2. Mama's Simple Skyp Socks: started May 22, 2011; finished January 9, 2012
3. Little Man's Cobblestone Baby Blanket: started July 2010; finished February 2, 2012
4. Dalek Dishcloth: started February 6, 2012; finished February 8, 2012
5. Baby Traveling Vines Socks: started September 18, 2010; finished February 17, 2012
6. Snail Hat: started February 18, 2012; finished February 19, 2012
7. Lothlorien Hat: started January 25, 2012; finished March 5, 2012
8. Habitat Hat: started April 10, 2012; finished May 8, 2012
9. Mini Sweet Girl's Pumpkin Hat: started May 31, 2012; finished June 4, 2012

Secondly, we have......

1. Little Man's Giraffe: started May 11, 2011
2. Icarus Shawl: Started March 15, 2010
3. Honey Badger Don't Give a Shit Socks: started January 23, 2012
4. Pine Forest Baby Blanket: started February 21, 2012
5. Hermione's Everyday Socks: started March 6, 2012
6. Sweet Girl's Hippo: started May 10, 2012
7. Mama's Vanilla Socks (round 2): Started June 29, 2012

Thirdly, we have the lists of things to make.......

1. Hermione Hearts Ron
2. Ogre Babies!
3. NIN Hat
4. Brandon Ribbed Beanie
5. Godric's Hollow Hat
6. Raglan Hat
7. Bergen Street Tuque
8. Nolan
9. Simple Baby Cap #1
10. Candy Cane

1. Freeport Vest
2. My Little Slug
3. Shaun (as in Shaun the Sheep)
4. Curly Snake
5. Penelope the Empathetic Monster
6. Socks of some sort (something with yarn from Sun Valley Fibers, possibly two-at-a-time, toe-up)
7. Adipose (Ravellenic Games 2012 project for Team Tardis)

So, the totals stand thus:
FOs: 9 projects
WIPs: 7 projects
Planned: 17 projects
TOTAL: 33 projects

Now, let's talk about my WIPs, specifically......

Firstly, the items I haven't worked on: the giraffe, the shawl, and the hippo. The reason I haven't worked on them? They're packed up in a box in my bedroom right now. Yes, the box is labeled so that maybe I can find it when we move.

Secondly, the items I have worked on: socks, socks, socks, and the blanket. Honestly, I haven't worked a lot on these items but I've worked on each one of them.

I think that's all I'm going to say about that.

In "life" events, the big day is coming up! I have less than one week before we officially move to California. Unfortunately, this coming week is going to be absolute hell. On Tuesday and Thursday, the patio doors on the porch are being replaced. Also on Tuesday, Little Man is having his Birth-to-Three evaluation (the "official" one). The movers are coming on Thursday and Friday; Thursday is the day to finish packing and Friday will the the day that the semi is loaded. We fly out on Saturday morning ("we" being me, Little Man, and Joe - one of Husband's friends).

This last week has been hell, too, to be honest. First of all, I had picked Husband up last Saturday from the airport. I had the patio doors and screens dropped off, a visit from the company that will be doing our carpets, and the local Buy & Sell Shop on Monday. Tuesday, the new realtor did a walk-through at my condo and a friend of mine came down from Green Bay for a couple hours (after she dropped off her husband at the airport up there). On Wednesday (the Fourth of July), I took Husband to the airport so he could fly back to California. Little Man and I were having a lazy, hot holiday at home when I got a phone call from Megandy (Megan & Andy - Megan was one of my college roommates and Andy is a friend of Husband's and yes, they're married to each other). They were on their way up north (to see Andy's parents, presumably) and went over a buckle in the road on the interstate...and bottomed out the car. Would I come pick them up in Madison and take them to their place in Mt. Horeb? So, we did that. After that, it was a lazy holiday. On Thursday, my car was picked up to be shipped to I also had to get a rental car, which involved bribery of the aforementioned Joe (okay, it wasn't bribery but he came to take me to the rental place). On Friday, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul came to pick up a bunch of stuff for charity (seriously, 30+ boxes of stuff, bags of towels, and other things), I did some packing, and then I had to pick up some paperwork about Puppy. Yesterday morning, Little Man and I went to Platteville to see his namesake and have some photos taken in Arthur, WI (it's an unincorporated town between Rewey, Mineral Point, and Platteville, WI). Unfortunately, they took down all the "Arthur" signs so we made due with the Arthur Haus sign. We swung over to see my great-aunt & great-uncle (and one of their sons and daughters-in-law were there from Georgia) and then came home to relax for a little while. Puppy was also picked up to be shipped to California last night.

Like I said, it's been hell around here.

Nevermind the temperature. It's been in the upper 90s to low 100s (that's roughly 32.2-40.5 Celsius for my non-American readers). Oh, and let's not even talk about the fact that we haven't had any substantial rain since the end of May. Don't even get me started on that...let's just say that my yard may as well be on fire. It's crunchy enough.

Anyway, it's going to be a very full week and I may not actually get to post an update next week. We'll have to see how that goes. I might be a day or two late. We'll see.

Mama! I see Mighty Mouse (Ella's Deli)


Mama, I'd rather look at Daddy than at the camera...but, CHEEEEESE!

Yes, this is how Little Man sleeps.

When he's not doing this......

Or this......

Hope you all have a lovely week!


  1. Oh sounds like a choc a block week and this coming week is going to be one also for you. I hope it goes smoothly and as trouble free as possible. I wouldn't worry about when you get your post it, I've often been late but I'll come along and read it anyway. Little man looks so cute and peaceful when asleep.

  2. I think you exhausted ME just reading all you've been up to with the move and such! Best of luck with your move, I hope it goes as smoothly as moving can! I hear ya on the heat too, it's been the same temps here and we get rain on the rare occasion but it's insane downpours and severe damaging wind thunderstorms...argh.

  3. And your going to find time to take care of yourself..when? I hope everything you have planned happens without a visit from Murphy's Law..and everyone comes through safe and healthy..

  4. what a cute kid! good luck with the move!!

  5. Good luck on the move. That is very stressful for sure but I am sure you will be fine once you get to CA and the family is all back together.

  6. Moving is always hell. Seems like the list is endless and never gets any shorter, and every single time you turn around you're forking out more cash. And then suddenly your done, settled in and it's time to enjoy your new surroundings!

    Good luck with the move and we'll catch up when you're ready!

  7. Good luck with the move! Hopefully life will be a little calmer once some of the pressure is off, and you and your gorgeous boy can settle into your new home.

    I think it's remarkable that you've got any knitting done at all this week, to be honest. I also need to thank you for having the Honey Badger and Hermione socks on your list, I have added them to mine for this year too. x

  8. oh my, breathe! Forget about us for a couple weeks, you need some serious real life time. I hope everything goes smoothly and I'm glad you have a friend flying with you and little man. He is beautiful. Good luck!

  9. What a couple of weeks! Good luck that the remainder stays on schedule and everything goes well...

  10. You managed to knit?? Oh my! I am sending you happy thoughts and wishes that the next week go smoothly. Keep in mind the end is in sight-and for heavens sake, don't worry about when you will be able to post again. We will all be here waiting and willing to read when you do.
    *smiles and cheer sent to you*

  11. My gosh your hands are full and overspillin' droppin' all over the place! Much props to ya.
    Little Man is so cu-ute. Love the one of him zzz in his SpongeBob SquarePants tee.

  12. All the best for your move. Your little one is beautiful x

  13. Massive luck with moving, I hope it all goes smoothly. And I'll send you some of our rain, we had all our rain for the month of July fall in one day