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Monday, November 19, 2012

Missed It Monday

So a random thing just happened to me just now. I was looking through my blog stats and noticed that a lot of rerouting to my blog has come from Google. Being me, I clicked on the link...

Turns out that if you type in "Confessions of a Yarn Addict" into Google, my blog is the fourth one on the list...and if you hit "Images" instead of "Web," a lot of my photos show up (6/21 from the first page, 3/24 on the second page, none on the third page, 5/25 on the fourth page, and 23/30 on the fifth page).

I just find that......weird.

Very, very weird.

I guess I didn't think that people did Google searches for that term very often, if ever. So it's just weird. Especially since mine shows up so soon in the conversations...

Anyway, thought I'd share that bit of information.

I'm debating on whether I'll have a WIP Wednesday post, a FO Friday post, or both for you this week. I'm sure I'll have something by Friday but whether I get around to posting is another story entirely. However, I get to leave you guessing which project I'll finish next.

Oh, and the sweater...Little Man's sweater that I was doing as a test knit. ::sigh:: Unfortunately I will be unable to show you the FO or any other WIP photos I may (or probably don't) have for awhile yet. The pattern is up for book publication and copyright gets murky so the designer would feel more comfortable with us not showing off the FO until after the book is published. So......I have no idea when that will be. I'll show it off once I get the green light from the designer. Just know that it's done and blocking and I need to add buttons :) Oh, and I'll let you know how it fits Little Man (and photos of him wearing it, of course).

Anyway......that's all I have :)


  1. Looking at how people find you through search engines is always quite the unsettling rabbit hole. People almost always find me by googling "hamsters" or some other rodent. I'm a knitting blog... once I joked about hamsters?

  2. The Internet is such a powerful tool, yeah? As for the test knit, it'll be such a great reveal no matter how long we have to wait. But I understand your anxiety.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the ohana!