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Monday, January 7, 2013


Today is the day that I get older. Sort of. At all times in my life, I am getting older, perhaps wiser, and definitely saggier in certain areas. It happens gradually over time.

Today is the day that I "officially" get older.

Yes, kids, today is my birthday. I have been walking this Earth for a scant thirty-three years today.

It's nothing important. I'm not turning ten and hitting double-digits. I'm not turning thirteen and heading into the dreaded teen years. I'm not turning sixteen and awaiting a drivers' license. I'm not turning eighteen and, thus, becoming an adult in the eyes of the law (and able to fight for my country,  buy cigarettes, and buy lottery tickets, not that I smoke but, you know what I mean). I'm not turning twenty-one and am able to buy my own alcohol, legally. I'm not turning thirty and am viewed as "old" by small children. No, kids, I'm turning thirty-three. There's nothing really special about turning thirty-three.

I suppose that the unspecialness of today can be summed up by what Little Man and I are doing: laundry, watching Shaun the Sheep, and I'm catching up on blogs.

Perhaps I'll show you photos of what was purchased while we were on our cruise...if I can get a good photo (and no, I won't tell you what we paid for it).

Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely day. I hope to be back on Wednesday for a WIP Wednesday post. We shall see.


  1. Happy Birthday Renee!! Hope you and Little Man enjoyed Shaun the Sheep (at first I thought you were going to say Shaun of the Dead). Was there fiber to be bought on the cruise??? Do tell please!!!

    1. There was no fiber to be purchased on the cruise. Or in Mexico (though, admittedly, I didn't look that hard for fiber in Mexico). I did, however, spend some time knitting. There will be more about that on Wednesday...just sayin'.

  2. Happy Birthday! It's the regular day kind of birthdays that always mean so much. Enjoy the day with your family. Don't forget to tell us what you bought though!

  3. You may "just be 33", but today is special because you were born on this day because we are lucky enough to have met you/found your blog. A belated Hau oli 'la hanau, to you Renee.