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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yarn Review #4: Artfibers Tasmania

Hello and welcome to my fourth installment of Renee Anne's Yarn Reviews. I am your lovely, lovely host, Renee Anne......and, as usual, I'm a bit behind. This was supposed to be the yarn review for April and between life and Knitting & Crochet Blog Week, it just didn't happen. I was lucky I got the book review in before the end of the month! But, that's okay. It means I have to work doubly hard this month to get the fifth yarn review and book review done before the end of the month. We'll see how things go...

The intention is that once a month, roughly about mid-month (depending on the day - Year of Projects are on Sundays, WIP Wednesdays are on Wednesdays, and FO Fridays are on Fridays so rarely will you see a Yarn Review on those days), I'll do a yarn review, which may or may not include multiple types of the same yarn or multiple different yarns on the same day. The yarns in question, unless specified, are coming from my stash, purchased by me, for me, and for my use. I've been given no money or other non-monetary gifts for these yarn reviews. The reviews are of my opinion and do not necessarily coincide with other fiber enthusiasts, though they may.

So, this month I'm a bit late...and the above notice is my disclaimer :)

Today, I bring you something I found during one of my ventures into San Francisco.......

Artfibers Tasmania 

1. Information about the Company: Artfibers is a unique collection of world class yarns produced in the San Francisco Bay Area. They offer "Yarn by the Yard," which is something I've only seen one other time (and that involved custom ordering and time that isn't always available). It means that you can come in and buy only what you need. If only need 150 yards of fingering yarn, you can just buy 150 yards of fingering yarn. When you visit the shop, you can do a "yarn tasting" to check gauge or just how the yarn feels while working with it. Also, you can keep your swatch, if you so prefer. The yarn itself is wound onto cones (except the bulky yarn) and that means that it's ideal for weavers and machine knitters...though I rather like it myself. If you don't want to visit the shop (or, you know, distance prevents it), you can order it online directly from their website. It opened in San Francisco (just a block away from it's current location) in 1996, originally as a yarn shop and art gallery but the purveyors, Rox and Nyle, soon found that the yarn alone paid all the they closed up the gallery and went strictly yarn. Their current location is on Sutter Street, just a couple blocks off of Market Street in near the Financial District of San Francisco. 

2. Other Yarns Offered: Just go look at the website...there are a lot of different yarn blends, weights, and colors. 

3. Information about the Yarn (specific to the review): 
     Official Name: Tasmania
     Fiber Content: 100% merino
     Skein Weight/Yardage: 250 g (8.82 oz) & 650 yds
     Gauge: 4-6 sts/inch (on US #4-6 or 3.5-4 mm)
     Weight: DK
     Washing Instructions: Handwash, dry flat
     Where to Purchase: Well.......I feel like a donkey's behind. Apparently Tasmania has been discontinued by Artfibers. That doesn't mean you can't still find it. There's a possibility that it'll be in the discount bins if it's not all gone...but it doesn't appear to be available on the website. ::sigh:: Figures. 

4. Review (the real reason you're here):
          - Variety of colors
          - It's 100% merino so it's really nice on the hands
          - Doesn't split which makes working with it very nice
          - Stitch definition is great
          - Blocks very well
          - Colors don't bleed a ton when you wash it
          - Will probably felt quite nicely (don't know, haven't tried it)

          - Doesn't appear to be available any more :(
          - A bit on the expensive side (but since you could dictate how much you wanted, it's not horrible)
          - Limited colors
          - Did I mention that it doesn't appear to be available :(

I wish I could show you the sweater that I made with this yarn...but it was a test knit and the pattern hasn't been released yet so I can't actually show you the finished product. However, I can show you part of it.......

Gorgeous, right?

Anyway, there you have it. My love of Tasmania.........wonder where you can get it :)

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  1. Wonderful yarn! I haven't tried their yarn yet.