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Friday, September 13, 2013

Yarn Review #8 (slightly late): Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme

I'm still busy trying to get caught up with my yarn reviews and my book reviews and partaking in WIP Wednesdays and FO Fridays and knitting and spending time with Little Man...and let's just say that I'm behind but not as behind as I used to be :)

Anyway, it's time for another yarn review :)

The intention is that once a month, roughly about mid-month (depending on the day - Year of Projects are on Sundays, WIP Wednesdays are on Wednesdays, and FO Fridays are on Fridays so rarely will you see a Yarn Review on those days), I'll do a yarn review, which may or may not include multiple types of the same yarn or multiple different yarns on the same day. The yarns in question, unless specified, are coming from my stash, purchased by me, for me, and for my use. I've been given no money or other non-monetary gifts for these yarn reviews. The reviews are of my opinion and based on my own experience and do not necessarily coincide with other fiber enthusiasts, though they may.

This shall be my 8th Yarn Review (only a month late!).

Cotton Supreme

1. Information about The Company: There's not much to know about Universal Yarn. Or, rather, I couldn't find much in the way of information. The home office of Universal Yarn is located in Harrisburg, North Carolina and their goal is to offer high-quality yarns in a variety of colors, incredible softness, and fashionable design (from their website). 

2. Other Yarns Offered: Aside from the Cotton Supreme, they have 124 different yarns listed on Ravelry, about half of which are discontinued. However, there are also Universal Yarn Collections which include Wisdom Yarns and Fibra Natura, among others. So, there are more than you think there are. 

3. Information about The Yarn (specific to yarn being reviewed):
     - Official Name: Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme
     - Fiber Content: 100% cotton
     - Skein Weight/Yardage: 100 g (3.53 oz.)/ 180 yds (165 m)
     - Gauge: 16-20 sts/4" on US #6-US #8 (4-5 mm)
     - Yarn Weight: Worsted
     - Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm, do not bleach, tumble dry medium, iron on low heat; dryclean with any solvent
     - Where to Purchase: I have not seen this yarn in many places since we moved to California but I also haven't been actively looking for it. You can, however, purchase it online from various places including directly from Universal Yarn (see website above), and Webs. It's listed on a few other sites but I wasn't actually able to find it in stock (like Jimmy Beans and Yarn Market). 

4. Review (the real reason you're here):
     - PROS
          1. Machine washable and dryer-safe. This is always a big plus in my book
          2. Variety of colors.
          3. Incredibly soft. And no, I'm not just saying that. It really is.
          4. Relatively inexpensive. On Webs, this yarn is $8.50/skein, $9.50 on Universal's website, or you can find it from these people on Ravelry ranging anywhere from $4-$9/skein.
          5. Not splitty. I cannot stand yarns that split and this one doesn't split. Okay, I mean once in awhile it can but, as a general rule, it doesn't split.
          6. Durable. This is always a plus. No one wants their yarn to break while working with it...or to have a small child destroy it.

     - CONS
          1. Does not hold shape well. It's cotton yarn and like all cotton yarn, unless you set the shape every single time, it's not going to hold it's shape well. Also, over time, items made from cotton can get droopy and no matter what you do, it won't go back. 
          2. Fuzzy. This yarn gets a little fuzzy while working with it. I think it's because it's so soft and it does go away when you wash it but it can be difficult to work with because of the fuzz. 
          3. Heavy. This is not a yarn for "light" things unless you're planning a lot of lace. Cotton yarn is, by nature, heavy. It makes great, heavy blankets. It's not so good for a summertime camisole.
          4. Not waterproof. Translation: not good for winter garments like hats and mittens. It's great for mitten liners but not so great for the outside things.
          5. HOT. Cotton yarn is notoriously hot and this is no exception...but it doesn't hold heat well, either, if that makes any sense. Basically, if you make a hat with it, your head will be very warm until the wind blows and then all the sweat will get cold and you'll shiver. 

Here are a couple things I've made with some of the Cotton Supreme in my stash. The first photo is of a pinwheel blanket that I test knit (I made a doll-sized version and it was gifted to Sassy Girl last Christmas). The second is a hat I made for one of my best friends in our high school colors. I expect that her son may have gotten a hold of it but I don't know for sure. And yes, I know I said it probably wasn't good for hats but, you know, it's so soft and it's what I think of as a spring/fall hat and not a winter hat. 

I also started a vest for Little Man using this yarn but it wasn't working out too well and it went to the frog pond. 

So, if you want some soft cotton, go out and buy it!

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  1. Wow! Soft cotton? No way! From those pics, it looks like wool. Amazing.