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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Y3: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #29

Happy Sunday :)

We're all here because it's time for my Self-Imposed Year of Projects update. Today marks the 29th I'm over halfway through the year and things are getting a bit mundane lately. For that, I apologize but, you know, it's just how things are right now. ::sigh::

Anyway, onward...

Fnished Objects (FOs)   
1. Windschief: started January 3, 2014; finished January 10, 2014     
2. Welcome to the World Newborn Hat: started January 10, 2014; finished January 11, 2014   
3. Five Hour Baby Sweater: started January 16, 2014; finished January 29, 2014  
4. Baby Surprise Jacket: started May 27, 2013; finished February 2, 2014  
5. Welcome to the World Newborn Hat: started February 4, 2014; finished February 4, 2014 
6. Milo: started December 25, 2013; finished February 9, 2014
7. Zombie ViXen Fingerless Mitts: started November 23, 2013; finished February 19, 2014
8. Traveling Vines Socks: started May 31, 2013; finished March 3, 2014
9. Babbeh Hat: started March 3, 2014; finished March 6, 2014
10. Hurricane Hat: started April 22, 2014; finished May 15, 2014
11. Hoo Hat: started May 19, 2014; finished May 20, 2014
12. Hoo Hat: started May 20, 2014; finished May 21, 2014
13. Stormageddon's Stripey Hat: started May 22, 2014; finished May 23, 2014

14.  Greyson: started May 29, 2014; finished June 17, 2014

I've still not finished anything new. 
Works-In-Progress (WIPs)
1. Dragon's Egg Socks: started September 2, 2013
2. Oreo Socks: started March 8, 2014
3. Baby Stormageddon

Pacific Shawl: started June 8, 2014

5. Swatch for The Dude: started July 16, 2014

I've also not started anything "new." I did start a swatch for Husband's sweater. He's never really asked me to make him anything...mostly because he's generally warm all the time, doesn't do sweaters, will destroy socks, and we don't live in a climate where hats and other winter accessories are needed. But, he's asked me to make him a sweater. If you've seen The Big Lebowski, you've seen the sweater I'm talking about. He told me if I made him that, he'd wear it all the time (at the server rooms). So, I printed out the pattern and discovered that the 2XL size only goes up to a 50" chest. That won't even fit me, much less Husband. So, I'm going to have an adventure in re-writing a pattern. I'm also going to have an adventure in learning colorwork...knitted flat. So, I told him that he cannot give me a timeframe and I'll get it done when I get it done. I also warned him that it was going to mean an expensive yarn purchase. We're talking at least 3500 yards of Aran weight yarn. He said, "okay," so I'm going with it.

However, I've spent most of my time this past week working on both my Dragon's Egg Socks and my Oreo Socks. I worked maybe a couple rows of my Pacific Shawl but most of my focus has been on socks this week (and a couple rows on the swatch because it's in 1x1 ribbing). I've finished the gusset decreases on my second Oreo Sock so now it's just relatively mindless knitting until I get to the toe decreases. I'm about halfway through the gusset decreases on my first Dragon's Egg Sock. It's going much more quickly now that (1) I've got it on two circulars rather than DPNs and (2) it's only in pattern for half the stitches. I think I'll wind up doing the second sock on two circulars...mostly for my sanity. 

Baby Stormageddon is still in there. I had my 30 week appointment with my OB on Friday. My weight took a jump...but given that my cravings have involved all things Oreo cookie, it's not that surprising. Other than that, things appear to be normal. I start going every two weeks now and I think I have another ultrasound in a couple weeks. I'll have to double-check my calendar. 

My remaining lists look like this (haha):

Children's Items
1. Swirl Hat
2. Elefante
3. Nottingham
4. Shaun
5. Gramps Cardigan (need to purchase - $6)
6. Smaug Hat

Items for Me (Selfish Knitting, FTW!)
1. Hermione Hearts Ron
2. Godric's Hollow Hat
3. Jabberwonky (which might be in the SSCB below but I don't remember) *
4. Gallifrey Fingerless Mitts
5. Weeping Angel Socks *
6. Stormont
7. Drip Drip Drop (which might be in the SSCB below but I don't remember) *

* I'll probably only pick one of these but, you know, choices and all...

 Secret Sock Club Bags
(These bags are already set up with pattern and yarn - I just pick one at random and no, I don't remember what I put in there right now...I can go look later, if you're really interested. I really probably should...but, honestly, nah...)

1. Little Man's Baby Blanket
2. Susan's Hat (adult and child versions)
3. Assorted Dishcloths
4. Traveling Vines projects (adult socks, baby socks, scarf, hat, fingerless mitts, shawl, etc.)
5. Pinwheel Market Bag

6. Anything else that comes along at the right time

I also have a feeling I'm going to be making at least three pairs of mittens soon...but they're relatively small and I think I can knock them out fairly quickly. We'll see. I just need some measurements first...

Anyway, there's not much going on around here. I did have some stash enhancement happen but that's for another post :)

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend so far!


  1. Good luck with the Big Lebowski sweater ... I hope hubby actually wears it. Mine never wears anything knitted, not even the things he has specifically asked for!

  2. If hubby is happy with a large yarn purchase I'd be tempted to try to find something on offer and get a little something for myself - nice dh!!

  3. I just love those dragon egg socks. I can't wait to see them finished. Congrats on your half-way mark and dang those Oreos! LOL!

  4. Good luck with The Dude and yayyy to yarn purchase, I too hope he wears it for you. Congratulations on the 30 week mark, getting really exciting now!

  5. How cool you're making your hubb that cardigan. Love how he supports the impending yarn purchase. Glad baby's doing well. Imagine about two more months and the ohana will be up to four.

  6. Good luck with the sweater. What a lot of knitting though!