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Monday, December 21, 2015

Yarn Review: Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin (aka Wollmeise 80/20 or Wollmeise Twin)


It's been quite awhile since I last did a yarn review.....but I've noticed that many of the hits to this blog are specifically to yarn review posts. Sooooooo, perhaps it's time for more yarn reviews. But, seriously, no schedule. Too much pressure!

The purpose of my yarn reviews: to review a yarn from my stash that I have either used in the past or am currently using for a project. The review may or may not include multiple types of the same yarn or multiple different yarns on the same day. The yarns in question are, unless otherwise specified, coming from my own stash and have been purchased either by me or for me (example: birthday present from Husband), and are for my use (which may or may not include my own design work). I've not been paid nor received any non-monetary compensation for the yarn reviews. The reviews are of my own opinion based on my personal experiences. In addition, they may or may not coincide with the thoughts of other fiber enthusiasts.


1. Information About The Company: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise, more commonly known as Wollmeise (which literally means Wool Tit), was founded in 2002 in Germany out of a necessity to find the "right color" yarn. Up until a few years ago, it was run by just one person (with some help from her husband, the "Rohrspatz," or cheeky sparrow, of the pair) but, of course, increased demand turned it into a family business. It's still a small company, however. 

2. Other Yarns Offered: Pure, Lace, DK, Blend (which is a merino, cashmere, nylon), though the Ravelry database has eleven (11) yarns listed, total.

3.  Information About The Yarn:
      - Official Name: Twin 80/20
      - Fiber Content: 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon
      - Skein Weight/Yardage: 150 g & ~510 yds
      - Gauge: Unknown specifics
      - Yarn Weight: Fingering
      - Washing Instructions: Macheine wash, gentle cycle
      - Where to Purchase: You can order online directly from Wollmeise (see link above), or you can also order from The Loopy Ewe. If you live in London, you can visit Loop and pick some up there. Or, of course, you can troll the Ravelry Wollmeise Destashes, which is what I usually end up doing. Generally speaking, a skein of the 80/20 Twin is going to run you around $30-$35 if you're in the US. 

4. Review (the real reason you're here)
      - PROS:
         1. Extremely durable. This is a workhorse yarn, which is strange coming from a small company, but she believes in having good quality yarn and the proof is in the pudding!
         2. HUGE selection of colors. The Ravelry database says people have listed 485 different colors of the 80/20 Twin. To be fair, there are variegated, semi-solid, and solid colors included...but, still, 485 different colors?
         3. Machine washable. This is always a bonus in my book because, quite frankly, sometimes you're in a hurry and just want to throw something in the washer already! Also, I have small children so the less time I have to spend handwashing something, the better.
         4. Stitch definition is fantastic......which is probably because it's a smooth yarn, for the most part. 

      - CONS
         1. Highly sought-after yarn. Now, this isn't necessarily a reason not to own it...but understand that if you're ordering directly from Wollmeise or The Loopy Ewe, it can be difficult to get a hold of, and especially if you're ordering from Wollmeise, things can get expensive (shipping).
         2. Somewhat expensive. If you're buying this yarn for a pair of socks, you will not be disappointed but if you want enough yarn to make a sweater and you're shaped like me....we're talking about $150 worth of yarn, plus shipping. Would it be worth it? Absolutely....but it's not always practical. Socks? Hat? Sure! I've paid more money for dumber things. Sweater? Maybe not. 
         3. This should go without saying but, seriously, if you need more than one skein, buy them together because you cannot always guarantee they're going to match across different dyeing sessions (though, truthfully, she's very, very good).
         4. Perhaps it's the way my ball was wound but it's almost like it's been spun and plied opposite of what one normally sees (so, spun Z and plied S, for you spinners)...which means my working yarn likes to twist upon itself. I've had to stop knitting a few times to untangle my working yarn. It's not going to stop me from using it but it is annoying. 

Honestly, even my "cons" could still be considered "pros." I've heard the hype about Wollmeise since I started knitting and I have several skeins hanging out in my stash but this was the first I've ever actually, you know, used any of them. I have not been disappointed (other than untangling my working yarn once in awhile). The hype about Wollmeise? It's. All. True. Seriously. All of it. 

If I could, I would buy stock in the company. I would own all the yarn. 

Yeah. Let's look at my Wollmeise!

Oh wait.........I can't really show you this because it's for a design project that I hope to submit for publication. But, there's my Wollmeise in it's horribly lit, nighttime glory. 

Ah, there it is....before I wound it and started using it. 

And here are a few more from my stash...

Hope you're having a lovely day :) 


  1. ooh, I haven't used that yarn before! Holy cow, that is a massive colour selection, I wonder if all those colours are still current or if it's like every few years or so they do new colours and rotate some out? Hmm. I'll have to keep an eye out for that yarn!

  2. I have collected it, but not yet used it....there is another online store that has it occasionally... Maybe eat.sleep.knit..