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Sunday, January 3, 2016

YEAR 5: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #1 (or, how to start a Prefect's Year)

Hello! Happy Sunday!

If you're new to my blog, welcome....and if you're not, you know what's going on and how this works and you'll forgive me for explaining it. Or, at least, I hope you will.

A Year of Projects (link to the group page on Ravelry). It was started in 2011 by a small group of bloggers that set a year-long challenge of projects (knitting, crochet, sewing, card making, underwater basketweaving, etc.) and blogged about it. The majority of the group is on a July-June schedule but I was a little late to the party and the six month mark coincided with my birthday so I started just after the new year. There are a couple of people that have joined me on the January-December schedule, as well. I think the original idea may have come from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and her quest to knit a pair of socks every month (which, as many of you probably know, is not necessarily a difficult feat for her), but I could be wrong about that.

There are some "rules" for the group, though I use the term quite loosely as the rules are not all that specific. You can join in whenever you want, introduce yourself in the group thread for introductions, make your list(s) and go.......

Aaaaaaaaaand.........speaking of lists....

FOs (Finished Objects)
There shouldn't be anything here as the year just started......

WIPs (Works-In-Progress) - carried over year-to-year
1. Dragon's Egg Socks: started September 2, 2013
2. Snape's Stockings: started August 20, 2014
3. Wink: started January 5, 2015
4. Fire Socks: started April 15, 2015
5. Vanilla Latte Socks: started November 19, 2015
6. Swirl Hat: started December 16, 2015

Okay. So....I obviously have some leftover WIPs and that's acceptable. To be fair, out of the four pairs of socks on this list, three of them are on the second sock and the one that isn't, is my "travel" knitting (meaning it resides in my purse and it's fairly mindless). And at least two of the socks are past the gusset decreases so I'm close.......just not done yet. Or maybe I've finished something and I'm traveling and cannot tell you. We'll see what happens next week, I guess :)

But, really, what you're all here for.........the NEW lists:

Children's Items
1. George's Vest (for Stormageddon - probably the largest size; fingering in solid or semi-solid)
2. House Hat (one each for Stormageddon and Little Man - worsted, two contrasting colors)
3. Nottingham (one each for Stormageddon and Little Man - worsted, solid or semi-solid)
4. Mirkwood (for Stormageddon - bulky; solid or semi-solid)
5. Smaug (for Little Man - worsted; solid or semi-solid)
6. Arthur the Alien (for Little Man - worsted; any colors)
7. Holiday Countdown Stockings (for the family - Aran/worsted; four colors)
8. Creeper Gonna Creep (for Little Man - DK; green because Creeper)

Items for ME (selfish knitting, FTW!!)
1. Vanillaish Socks (using one of my Harry Potter Yarns)
2. Paradiddle Socks (using a solid or semi-solid sock yarn)
3. Hermione Hearts Ron (sport weight; solid or semi-solid)
4. Hermione Hearts Ron Fingerless Mitts (sport weight; solid or semi-solid)
5. Classic Silk Mayfaire Camisole (Miss Babs from Stitches Midwest)
6. Stormont (worsted; solid or semi-solid)
7. Sockhead Hat (sock; any colors)
8. Moab Shawl (sock; any colors) *need pattern*
9. Prowl (DK; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*

Secret Sock Club Bags - Pick a bag at random; do pattern with yarn
1. Scotch & Soda Scarf (using Briar Rose Fibers Wistful, leftover from my Icarus Shawl)
2. CashSilk Fern Scarf (using ONline Supersocke 100)
3. Jabberwonky (using KP Felici in Abracadabra)
4. If You Know Where To Go (using KP Felici in Green Veggies)
5. Gardener's Socks (using Malabrigo Sock in Indiacita)

Stranded Knitting
1. University of Wisconsin Ski Hat
2. University of Wisconsin Christmas Stocking
3. University of Wisconsin Button Beanie
4. Xanadu Snowflake Cowl

Christmas/Charity Bin
1. 198 yds. of Heaven (worsted; any colors)
2. Phillip and Mr. Grum (sock yarn; any colors)
3. Comfort Food (Aran; solid)
4. Fine Fella (worsted; solid or semi-solid)
5. November Leaves (Shelter from stash) *need pattern*
6. Skinner Hat (sock; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*
7. The Shoemaker's Hat (bulky; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*
8. Roll Out The Barrels (cotton; any colors)
9. Sweeny Todd Scarf (worsted; any colors)
10. Bridal Shower Lace Cloth (cotton; any colors)
11. The Snowmen Cometh (worsted; any colors)
12. Sunburst Dishcloth (cotton; any colors)
13. Starfish Cloth (cotton; any colors)
14. Seamless Circular Cloth (cotton; any colors)
15. Tombreck (Aran/worsted; solid or semi-solid)
16. Premie Spiral Hat (for hospital donations - sport or DK; any colors)

1. Fire Socks (pattern for submission)
2. Ice Socks (knit prototype and pattern for submission)
3. Susan's Hat (make proper - photos, pattern, etc.)
4. Little Man's Baby Blanket (make proper - photos, pattern, etc.)
5. Paradiddle Socks (knit prototype - see "Items for ME")

1. Finish up the purple silk/merino blend singles
2. Ply said purple silk/merino blend (probably two-ply)
3. Finish up the remaining Asshole Blue Corriedale that I found in Stormageddon's room a couple weeks ago (don't even get me started on this one!)
4. Start something new (I'm leaning toward some grey wool I bought a few years ago)

As usual, there are far too many items listed here to ever knit (or spin - notice I added spinning!) in a year. But, I need choices while having some sense of focus.

Also, I hope to work from my stash....but we all know how that goes. I've been doing much better with not buying a metric crapton of yarn on a regular basis. Of course, this may be due, in part, to running out of space in my yarn closet...

I hope things are going well for you! I'll be back next week with more important things, I photos. Photos are good, right?

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday :)


  1. Happy New Year!! You have a great list here for 2016, with ambitious and diverse items, it's going to be so great watching you work through them (or make changes as needed) as 2016 progresses! I usually only knit about 20 projects a year... and I'm terrified of ever trying spinning, I can't afford to get addicted to another dimension of this craft!

  2. Great list...I'm combining my list with the Love Your Library challenge this year....

  3. Oh great list! Can't wait to see some of those projects as you start them. Best of luck on this yop year. Ruth

  4. Yay, a splendid list, I look forward to your progress.

  5. I'm really glad you said that there are more things listed than you could accomplish in a year. I was starting to feel like a slug. lol Looking forward to seeing a new year's worth of terrific things you've made.

  6. Great goals for the year! Good luck!