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Monday, February 15, 2016

Mid-month update!

Happy Monday!

I'm not forgetting my mid-month update this month! So, here it is....

Fibery Goals
1. Work on the following (and maybe even finish something!): Dragon's Egg SocksSnape's StockingsWinkVanilla Latte SocksSwirl Hat, and Nottingham for Little Man.
2. Make rolags and finish spinning up the Asshole Blue Corriedale I found in Stormageddon's room (dammit dammit dammit!).
3. Partake in a fibery endeavor at least 4x/week.
4. Yarn Diet (Clubs don't count).
5. Design work.
6. Clean out the yarn closet.
7. Rock my Stitches West classes with Marly Bird.
8. Make more stitch markers.
9. Anything else that comes along.

I've finished up the Swirl Hat and the Nottingham hat for Little Man and my Vanilla Latte Socks have seen some action. The rest of my projects....let's just not talk about those right now. I've also finished my swatch for my Stitches West class I have coming up on Sunday. 

In spinning news....well, I just cannot bring myself (or my dry hands) to spin that Asshole Blue Corriedale. I don't want to touch my spinning fiber right now because my hands are so dry. Maybe next month? 

I've also done some more design work. My Ice Socks are, sadly, still in time-out but the design for my Fire Socks was submitted last Friday for publication and that's exciting. 

I've also started another project. It's a test knit for Holly and if I keep plugging away on it, I can finish it this week.....maybe. Don't hold  your breath. But it'll be done by the end of the month. 

Um.....that's about it on the fibery front.

Non-Fibery Goals
1. Work on Stormageddon's room (toys, boxes, my stuff, etc.).
2. Work on Little Man's room (go through toys, especially).
3. Work on our bedroom/closet (go through shelves, drawers, dust, etc.).
4. Gym and/or some other form of exercise (at least 2x/week).
5. Work on the weight loss shit (woo).
6. Keep up on the (new) bullet journal.
7. Work on recipe journal.

First and foremost, both boys' rooms got an overhaul this month. Little Man's room was purged, cleaned, and reorganized. I donated a huge bag of toys, I threw out a huge bag of toys/junk, Stormageddon acquired a bunch of toys, and I went through drawers and clothes and it's so much nicer in there. We left a space for a bookshelf for the Lego sets but the bookshelf needed to be extracted from Stormageddon's room. We did that just this past Saturday. No actual cleaning was done but all the things on the bookshelf and in front of the bookshelf were removed from the bedroom. I have about two weeks to go through everything and get it relocated because we stuck it in the back room where the guest bed is located...and we have someone coming to visit in a couple weeks. 

I've also been really good about going to the gym or getting out to do something. I'm up to an hour on the elliptical, but I'm only running about 4 miles an hour, which is pretty slow. I have friends that can run double that. But, I'm doing it and that's important. So, by going to the gym, I'm also working on getting rid of the food baby I've gained. 

My bullet journal is still up and running and it works out pretty well for me, actually. I'm not all that fancy with it but, again, that works for me. My recipe journal, however, has not been going well. Oh well, can't have everything. 

And there you have it: February's mid-month update :)

I have a scheduled FO Friday post (my Swirl Hat) for this coming Friday, and it's Stitches West this weekend so I'll be there....exciting times :)

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  1. It must feel so good to get all that done. I need to get rid of some of the girls' old toys they don't play with anymore. Don't compare yourself to your friends. What matters is your progress since day one. You are doing great on being active and getting out there.