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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Stash Enhancement: Erin Lane Bags Indie Yarn Carnival Club

Happy Saturday :)

In the spirit of keeping it real (or transparency, if you want corporate speak), I bring to you today's edition of Stash Enhancement Saturday (Stash Acquisition Saturday is also appropriate).

Last weekend, I discovered a box outside my door containing my last (sob) Indie Yarn Carnival club shipment for 2016. It was the October shipment and it was lovely. The yarn came from Mrs. Crosby in the Train Case base and the colorway is called "Carnival After Dark."

In addition to the lovely skein of yarn, we also got two bags, one of the large project bags and then a little DPN project keeper type of bag (I think - it's got buttons so putting notions in there would be silly as stitch markers would fall out). You can see the keeper bag under the skein in the photo above.

That's the big bag. We also got a pattern (socks) to go with the yarn. I've not decided if I'll knit them yet or not...maybe someday. I mean, I have the pattern and all :)

So, that happened.

And that's it, I swear!

I hope you're having a lovely Saturday. I'll be back tomorrow with my Year of Projects update. Also, take some time out of your day to celebrate Guy Fawkes and watch V for Vendetta. It is, after all, Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire Night.


  1. I lurves that erin lane bag!!!! The small one, I actually think it's to hold dpns during a put your dpns in it, to keep them safe and the project hangs outside (usually used for socks). I'm heading to my last fiber festival today...yippeee

  2. This was a good one. I like that bag's fabric and the yarn is so pretty.