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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Stash Enhancement: Lambtown 2017

Happy Saturday :)

I am writing this from my bestie's house in Wisconsin a week early so hopefully I don't screw up the posting....

Anyway. it's Saturday and I have been festivaling again, which translates to a Stash Enhancement post.

Two weeks ago (tomorrow), kind of on a whim, I went to Lambtown in Dixon, CA. I didn't have a huge budget (what's a budget) but there were a few things I thought I might look for and maybe find a few fun things along the way.

Whatever, let's just see what I bought already!

Two skeins of Cormo Worsted from Sincere Sheep. These are squoooooshy and want to be something wonderful when they grow up. I'm leaning toward fingerless mitts and a hat or maybe an infinity scarf/cowl of some sort.

I stopped off in the Invictus Yarns booth because I have no shame or self control. I wasn't planning on getting anything but yet, here we are. This came as a kit, obviously. It's all on the Victorious base, which is a 100% superwash merino base. The pink is 400 yds of Hubba and the minis are about 600 yds total of a gradient of greys. I also came home with a needle gauge/ruler from them.

These are slightly different dyelots of a BFL/Tussah blend fingering weight yarn from Shaggy Bear Farms (who do not have a website). They specialize in rare breed fibers. Last year, I bought some Lincoln roving. This year, I bought the above yarn and....

Two 4.3 oz. roving balls of Black Welsh Mountain sheep, which has an estimated worldwide population of either ~2,000 or ~ 5,000 (I can't remember off the top of my head).

I visited the Houndstooth Fiber Arts booth and came home with the above skein of their HopScotch base in Canary. It's a merino bulky yarn that I found in the clearance bin (WUT?!).

In addition to the above skein, I also came home with this skein:

This was a TOAK dyed skein on their Painted Ladies base called "Wicked." So, TOAK is Two of a Kind. The first skein of this yarn was being knitted into socks and this one came home with me. She had to take a photograph of it because she didn't write down the dye recipe so she may recreate it someday. This is about 463 yds of a 75/25 merino nylon base.

Normally, I pick up fiber from Wonderland Dyeworks but this time around, I picked up a skein of yarn. This is on their sock base, which is an 80/20 merino nylon blend in a colorway called "Star Gazer."

In addition to all of the above, I also came home with:

the official Lambtown t-shirt (front and back) and tote bag for 2017.

a bigger bottle of Power Scour from the Clemes & Clemes booth. They were at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool and I debated about getting the big bottle then but I knew I wouldn't be able to get it on the plane in my carry on so I asked if they'd be at Lambtown and the guy looked at me like I was nuts and I told him I lived out here and it made more sense. And then I actually did get the big bottle.

a new "bowl" for my support spindle from Trif's Turnings (the Etsy shop is still there but it hasn't been updated in almost a year).

I got a stitch marker and two little bags from A Needle Runs Through It. I know only one bag is pictured but the second bag is the same shape but with little sloths on it. The one with sloths is housing my headphones currently.

I picked up a couple of the Lo-Lo Body Bars (in travel size) and a couple chapsticks made by The Bar Maids (yes, I know only one chapstick is pictured...the other was in my pocket). I also picked up a new plying bobbin. Those three purchases came from Carolina Homespun. The bobbin was one of the things I intended to look for on my travels so I'm glad I found it.

The last thing I came home with, which I picked up in the Sincere Sheep booth along with that lovely cormo, was a Stitch Holder Kit.

The idea is that you thread the cord through your knitting in order to try it on but the beauty of this one is that once you've threaded the cord through your live stitches, you can continue working because one end is a needle. I imagine it will be wonderful for a sweater (if I ever get that far!). 

And, of course, my fleece that I swore up and down I wouldn't buy...but that's out for processing right now. 

So, there's all of that :) I hope you're having a lovely Saturday!

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