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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Year NINE: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Corona-what? Sure, let's have a Corona (Update #10)

No, we do not have any sort of Coronavirus at our house. We don't know anyone that has it. Right now, we're good. 

Now that that's out of the way, it's Sunday and that means it's time for an update so here we are. 

FOs (Finished Objects):
1. Ewetopia Stripey Socks: started 15 November 2018; finished 29 January 2020
2. Tiny Turtle: started 7 November 2019; finished 30 January 2020
3. Mirkwood: started 9 February 2020; finished 17 February 2020

Nothing new to see here. Move along now, Sir. I said move along

WIPs (Works-in-Progress) (These are carried over year to year if needed):
1. Wink: started 5 January 2015
2. Shetland Neck Wool (support spindle): started 8 September 2017
3. Returning: started 14 January 2018
4. Faerie Mountain Fibers Crazy Batt (EEW Mini): started 13 April 2018
5. Granny Square Blanket: started 28 April 2018
6. UW Ski Hat: started 11 July 2018
7. Abracadabra Socks: started 7 August 2018
8. Purl & Loop Weaving Project: started 28 August 2018
9. Campfire Socks: started 17 October 2018
10. Herbivore: started 15 November 2018
11. Multi-Colored Merino Top (Viktor): started 16 January 2019
12. Prototype Something Something Raindrops: started 11 April 2019

13. Sockhead: started 8 January 2020

I didn't work on a lot this week. I pulled out my Campfire Socks and worked on them a bit but I'm pretty sure that was about it. 

I had notes written down on my phone but they didn't make sense so I had to pull out the actual pattern to look at it. I tried to pull it from my phone a few times but the Wayback Machine doesn't like mobile, apparently. So, I was able to do it from my laptop and then things made sense and I made some progress. I took this on Tuesday at swimming lessons. I'm about halfway down the foot of the first sock. 

I thought about starting another project and I did ball up some yarn for it but I haven't actually started it. I should probably get going on that one, as it's for an incubating baby...and I'd rather have it done before said baby arrives. I mean, the baby is due in June or July but baby sweaters are good for awhile while they're little. 

Anyway, that was about it. I'm kind of boring this week, apparently.


Design WIPs:

1. Messed Up Moss: started March 2009 - write pattern as PDF (iterations: firstsecond)
2. Susan's Hat: started 31 August 2010 - need new prototypes & write the pattern (iterations: firstsecondthirdminififthsixth)
3. Little Man's Baby Blanket: started July 2010 - need new prototype & write pattern (iteration: here)
4. Chunky Scarf: started 6 October 2012 - need new prototype & write pattern (iteration: here)
5. Pacific Waves Hat: started 9 March 2016 - need new prototype & write the pattern (iterations: firstsecondthird)
6. Fall in San Francisco: started 18 September 2016 - need new prototype & write pattern (iterations: firstsecond)
7. Stomping Grounds Collection: started 26 February 2017 - need prototypes & write patterns 
8. Unnamed Hat Design: started 14 August 2017 - need various weight yarn prototypes & write pattern (iterations: firstsecond)
9. Rastarmulke: started 20 November 2017 - write pattern (iterations: firstsecond)
10. Paradiddle Socks: started 19 October 2017 - write pattern (iteration: here)

Children's Items:

1. Oliver for Stormageddon (worsted weight - Stunning String Studio from Stitches West 2018)
2. Minecraft Socks for Little Man (fingering weight - Tosh Sock in Plaid Blanket?)
3. Baby Yoda for Babies (Loops & Threads)
4. Honey Badger: (worsted weight - black & white acrylic I have banging around the stash)*
5. Mittens for Stormageddon (worsted weight probably)
6. I Love Stockinette Baby Bibs (worsted - cotton, acrylic, something)

Items for ME (Selfish Knitting FTW!):

1. Autopilot (worsted weight - Sincere Sheep Cormo Worsted or htNEVELE Worsted in Reveire)
2. Rose's Wrist Warmers (DK weight - using Aran instead; hand-dyed Malabrigo Twist?)
3. Perianth (fingering weight - Knitcircus Trampoline in The Whole Enchilada)
4. Pembroke Scarf (fingering weight - Fresh From the Cauldron Schoodic Sock in Sookie)
5. Flax (worsted weight - Misty Alpaca in the Harry Potter colors)
6. Park Slope (fingering weight - Mountain Fibers Crazyfoot in Shamrock)
7. Socks (fingering weight - I have tons...pick something!)
8. Washcloths/chewcloths (worsted weight - cotton)
9. Sockhead (fingering - I have tons...pick something!)
10. Age of Brass & Steam (Handspun purple/white barber pole)


1. Christmas Stocking for Husband
2. Christmas Stocking for Little Man
3. Christmas Stocking for Stormageddon
4. Baby Blanket


1. Wonderland Dyeworks BFL
2. Mixed BFL
3. Allons-Y Fiber Arts Merino, Trilobal Nylon, Silk
4. Alpaca (from Lambtown 2014)
5. 100% Bamboo 


1. Sock Blanks
2. Anything else I find along the way

Other Fibery Endeavors:

1. Create project bag inventory
2. Update library inventory (on Ravelry)
3. Update stash inventory (on Ravelry)
4. Stitch markers
5. Destash as necessary
6. Stash Fit

The weather around here has been wonky this past week. It was warm (almost summer-like), then it got cold (back to "normal" for this time of year), and then we had rain (whaaaaat?!), and then Daylight Savings Happened and here we are. 

Luckily, that's about the only thing that's been happening. We keep hearing about the Cornonavirus that's going around. I think our governor issued a state of emergency because of it. In addition to that, people are going crazy. Toilet paper, paper towels, bottled water, and all the cough/cold/flu medicines are virtually gone. I mean, we are usually stocked up but it's still shocking to go into the store and see an entire aisle empty or to go to the paper goods section of Costco and see a huge, open space. I know it's not like that everywhere (checked in with friends that live elsewhere) but it's bizarre here. I know a couple of the schools were extra-cleaned over this weekend due to a couple of exposures. For us, it's status quo except for gatherings (like spring concerts or parent education meetings). We're not particularly worried in that the death rate is fairly low, we have good health insurance, and we're doing what we can to mitigate our exposure. It's about all we can do at this point. 

Last weekend, we took the boys to the hot dog place downtown. We really like it but, sadly, they look to be on their way out. They're mostly doing catering at this point. We were actually lucky to catch them "in" last weekend. 

We did our usual things, swimming lessons.

They finally put some seating outside, which is really nice when the warmer weather hits. I can't stand sitting in that sweatbox during the warmer months. So, I sat outside this past week (and worked on my Campfire Socks - that's actually when I took the photo). 

This is how Stormageddon sits from time to time. Leg crooked over his arm. Little weirdo, he is. He's just slightly less weird this week, though, as I finally got him to try bacon (and he liked it, of course). 

Speaking of food.....

.....okay, this isn't food. I found a few rather large mushrooms growing in our sideyard this week. I actually could see this one from our driveway and, at the time, I didn't know what it was so I got out to investigate...and found this. There are a few more in the yard. I suppose they'll be taken care of when we mow this week. Or not. 

Anyway, I hope you've had a lovely week and weekend. I still need to do a Stitches West thing......we'll see. 


  1. Well I’m in the Highlands of Scotland where officially there are no cases of Covid-19 and yet our aisles the other day were empty of things like lentils, bread yeast, strong flour, tins of sweetcorn and chopped tomatoes. That’s on top of the toilet roll and anti bac and soap aisles empty! Crazy.

  2. CoVid has had us cancel our plan to go to Europe in May. And the first death in BC was just down the street from us so my husband and I are sticking close to home and avoiding crowded places. So far I haven't noticed empty shelves, but my sister has on the Island. Such a weird time. Stay safe.

  3. Great indigo for this sock; at first glance it looked like a mitt. This yarn looks thicker than the typical fingering.