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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cabling among the death...

I've started the front of my sweater. I think I said that somewhere before, but I'm just saying it again. I had something strange happen...I swear, I was using the same needles and you would think I would have the same gauge. But, I discovered that my gauge got screwed up on the ribbing and so I went by how many rows I had done rather than how long it actually was because I was off by a 1/2" and had the same amount of rows. Everyone basically said that I should keep the rows the same because I can always stretch that out a bit. So, I did. And now I've begun the cabling pattern. It's not really difficult except that it's small and kind of a pain in the ass to read/keep track of. So, I don't know...maybe I'll just write it out or make it larger (or something like that).

Anyway, as my title says, I'm cabling among the death...and this is sort of true, though no one's died. My husband, who never gets sick, has been sick for four days. Actually, let me re-state that: when Brian gets sick with anything, it's for a day, maybe two, and then he's fine and back to normal. He's been sick for more than four days now. Granted, he's just really congested, has been cold (again, something he never is) and has a fever but still, he never gets sick for this long. We're a little worried that he's got H1N1 because he works in a school where he's around kids (and about three have come down with it - that he's worked with recently) and one of his friends has it (that he's seen recently). And Brian's reactions to illnesses aren't normal. Of course now, I'm getting sick. Well, maybe not...I don't feel sick or anything like that which makes me think it's been my allergies acting up. Usually if I get sick, I get sick and you know I'm sick. But I feel okay, other than the sneezing and itchy eyes (again, why I think it's my allergies). So, we'll have to keep track of it...if Brian's still sick after a week, I'm probably going to make him go to the doctor. And then I'll probably have to go. *sigh*

Other than that, it's raining. That's going to be a pain in the ass for classes today. I hate dealing with umbrellas and my laptop being in my backpack and walking through mud and puddles. Hrm. I suppose it could be worse. We'll see.....

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  1. hope you both feel better soon! good luck with your cables :D