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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hat, and other things...or not.

I finished the hat for Nellie. And I even have photos. They're not the greatest but they're photos.

I know, this one doesn't look like a hat. It's upside down because that's the way it would sit correctly. But, it's a hat, I swear!

And then there's this one. This one is with it sitting properly...and it wouldn't stand up. But, you get the idea.

And now, for the recipe:

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun (two contrasting colors); I only used maybe a half-skein of each. The rest was used prior to make a basic stockinette stitch scarf.
Needle: 16" #10
Size: One size fits most adults

Holding two strands together throughout, CO 80 sts using a flexible cast-on (long tail works well and it's what I used)

Join in the round, being careful not to twist (which goes without saying, generally) and PM (just so you know where the break is for decreases later)

*K1, P1* around until it measures approximately 1-1.5", moving the marker along with you.

K around until piece measures approximately 6-8" (depending on how long you want it to be - I think mine wound up being around 6" and it wasn't quite long enough for me), again moving the marker with you.

Start decreases:
R1: *K2tog, K3* for one round (64ish sts - this may not be exact and don't sweat it)
R2: K around
R3: *K2tog, K3* for one round (again, don't sweat it)
R4-R5-R6: K around
R7: *K2tog, K2* for one round
R8: K around
R9: *K2tog, K2* for one round
R10-R11-R12: K around
R13: *K2tog, K1* for one round

Eventually, following this idea, you will wind up with 5-8 sts on your needles (I can't remember how many rows it took as I wasn't really keeping track). Cut a long tail, weave tail through last sts and weave ends through the hole in the top.

Really, you can decrease any way you want to. I just started by doing K2tog followed by K3 because I knew it would not decrease too fast, but would still decrease. I stopped keeping track of my decreases because my brain started to hurt.

Also, when you're done, you can block it if you want to but it probably doesn't need it.

At some point, I will clean up this pattern and actually keep track of what I'm doing. It was a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of thing for one of my bridesmaids (she got the scarf that matches this hat at my bridal shower over the summer - I thought I'd make her a hat to match).

Happy knitting and enjoy :)

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