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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Charter can DIAF.

I'm canceling my cable/internet service in favor of something that is, hopefully, more reliable. I hate Charter. Every other month, they're raising their rates on crappy cable and internet services. So, they're going. They can DIAF for all I care. We have enough TV/Movies on the Apple TV to accommodate...and Hulu and Boxee...and the internets. I think we'll be okay.

Also, I'm canceling my land line. I'm a little heartbroken about that as I have had that same phone number since 1983...but no one calls it except for telemarketers (the ones that get around the law) and the occasional wrong number. So, it's a wasted $60/month that we can use toward the new internet.

As for the internet we're getting, we're getting AT&T DSL and bundling it with the mobiles. So...we'll be spending $250/month (probably less) by bundling (Brian and I both have iPhones) rather than $75/month on Charter, $60/month on the land line, and $200/month on the mobiles. So, really, we're saving money, getting rid of cable, and acquiring internet sanity all at the same time. Glorious.

And then there's my sweater is oh-so close to being finished. I have to finish the arms (I'm about 10 rows away from being done with both), connect the front and back, do the neckline, and sew up the seams. was supposed to take me from the middle of September to the end of October. And then school happened. So, it'll be finished by the end of March, so long as I didn't mess up anything important along the way (like the front being longer than the back or something silly like that). We'll see.

I'm still working on my first sock, as well. I'm past the heel and working on the bottom half, which is boring because I just keep knitting and knitting...and then I have a whole other one to make. I might have them finished by this time next year.

Sherri's shawl is still on the needles, too. I haven't worked on it much...trying to get the sweater done. I made a London Beanie a week or so ago...and it is way too short for me so I'm giving it to Sherri's daughter, Jazzlynn, for her birthday (she'll be 2 tomorrow).

Anyway, that's about all I have to say for now.

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