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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some pictures to brighten the day :)

So, after the loss of my only job, I've decided that I need a pretty post, filled with pictures.

 Little Man on his first overnight stay...we left him with grandma & grandpa on my 31st birthday (January 7, 2011)

I was trying to catch him smiling on didn't work too well but, I tried :)

More attempts to catch a smile...

I did a test-knit for a hat. It's supposed to be toddler size and it's rather large for Little Man (it stretches a lot)...but I needed a photograph of it :)

I actually did the test-knit for the same hat twice. This was the first one, actually. It's supposed to be a toddler size, too and it fits Little Man but it's still a little big.

Anyway, hope you enjoy photos of Little Man being cute :)


  1. Little Man is so adorable! I hope that he enjoys his big night out with the grandparents. (We always refer to ours in capital letters -- The Grandparents -- it's an important title!). So sorry to hear about your workplace closing, that must be scary and surprising.

  2. Your Little Man is sure adorable! I found your blog via a comment on Yarn Harlot. I saw that your a WI knitter too! I'm also a follower of your blog.