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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sally Melville Classes and other things...

Yesterday I had two classes with Sally Melville. First of all, she's fabulous and funny...and dear Bob did my friggin' brain hurt when I got home yesterday.

I had two classes with her. One was about having the ability to chose items of clothing that actually look good on someone, anyone. Most people don't have a clue what looks good on other people, much less themselves. The few that can identify that something is wrong with what either they or someone else is wearing usually cannot identify what that something actually is. It's an interesting concept. The one "look" that just doesn't look good on anyone is usually the look that people just go to. We played with paper dolls...based on our own bodies. It was interesting to think about and actually look at.

The second class I took was on sweater construction...sort of. It was more about how to look at a sweater pattern, deconstruct it, and make it so that it fits each individual properly. We looked at the four major sweater types and how to deconstruct them. The four basic types: short & boxy, long & boxy, fitted, and a-line. We talked about where you can adjust patterns in order for them to fit. We also discussed, albeit briefly, which of these four sweater types go with what kinds of pants/skirts (from the first class).

My brain hurt so much when we got done yesterday.

I wish I had taken pictures.

I think I need to look back at my notes for more thing I do know is that I want to make sweaters...lots and lots of sweaters. Hmmm....


  1. My major goal in life is to make a sweater and socks - both is which I am too chicken to try... However this summer I will learn even if my fingers bleed. I have a free teach for the entire summer and I am going to learn even if my brain hurts like your right now lol...

  2. The classes sound fantastic and so useful. I have never taken a knitting class. One day I will and this sounds like the type I'd like.

  3. so - how do you work out what the 'wrong' thing is ??