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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I've been doing things...

We (me, Little Man, and Husband) are on the outskirts of Washington DC and have been here since Thursday. We left on Tuesday afternoon, got through Chicago before the rush hour traffic started, went through one hell of a thunderstorm in Indiana, stayed over in Cincinatti on Tuesday  night, drove through the southern Appalachian mountains on I-40 (beautiful, by the way...may be better than the Blue Ridge Parkway but, not having been on it, I don't know for sure), stayed in Greensboro, NC on Wednesday, and headed up to the in-laws on Thursday (my BIL and his wife, not the parents-in-law).

I'm working on socks. I'll post progress pictures when we get home. They're on my iPhone......and I don't have my laptop to download them. Oh well.

So....that's where I am. where are you?


  1. I'm at home, blogging when I should be playing with Rosie or knitting. Wishing ya'll a fun time in DC and drive carefully.

  2. What an awesome road trip! Good for you. I'm still in 'da city. Hope Little Man is doing well. I think about him sometimes :O).