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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No-Pictures Wednesday...

I've given up on making something else for the Brown Bag Exchange. I have the sweater and hat almost finished...just need to block both and add the buttons to the sweater. I had planned to make another hat and that just didn't go well. For the first hat, I CO 63 stitches...and it will just barely fit a newborn. So, I figured that if 63 stitches = 14.25", then surely 75 stitches would be about 16.5".....WRONG! 75 stitches would have fit me. No, seriously....I have no idea how that happened!

How did I figure this out? I accidentally pulled out an entire needle while waiting in line to pick up our information for Crazylegs. So, I pulled out the other two and stretched it out. It probably would have been too big, even for my 22.5" head. It stretched out quite nicely. But, way too much for a baby hat.

So, I frogged it and started over later...trying to do a top-down hat. That didn't go so well. I had slick aluminum needles and it just didn't work. I tried using my #4 Blackthorn Needles...they're not slick. I even tried by doing an i-cord first. Again, it didn't work...the stitches got too tight while I was increasing around the crown.

So....I frogged it again. And since I have to turn everything in on Monday, I don't want to bother starting something that I may or may not finish in time. I wound the remaining yarn back up on the niddy-noddy and called it a day.

I'm planning to write up the pattern for the baby hat and post it on this blog...or maybe make a PDF. I haven't decided which yet. I'll post it and have test knitters and all of'll be great.

Other than that, there hasn't been a whole lot going on in my world. I'm thinking about getting Little Man's blanket ready for testers...but I need to do some swatching to figure out gauge (approximate) before I do that...which means I need to find some bulky yarn and some sport weight yarn (and I'm doing mine in a worsted weight). I thought about doing one in fingering weight yarn but I think that would just require way too many skeins for a baby blanket. So, I'll stick to sport, worsted, and bulky, for now...and maybe add fingering weight and, *gasp* laceweight later. Or not.

Perhaps I'll have photographs after this weekend...then I'll be able to share the Brown Bag Exchange photos (both of what I made and what I receive).

In the real world, Little Man went to his first (of many) cardiologist appointments on Monday. With the metabolic disorder he has, one of the problems that can arise are heart problems. Because he has such a mild form of the disorder, the chances that he'll have any heart problems is quite low...but we still have to check. His EKG was fine and he sounded fine. He's having an echo-cardiogram next week Wednesday, a 24-hour heart monitor put on next week Thursday, and then he has his appointment with his pediatrician next Friday. He also needs to meet with his genetic metabolic doctor in the next couple of weeks, too. I swear, the kid has more doctors than I do...and that's saying something. He has his regular pediatrician, his genetic metabolic doctor, the metabolic dietician, the other genetic metabolic doctor (we've seen both), and a cardiologist. I just hope he doesn't inherit my bad eyesight or wind up with allergies/asthma.

Anyway, that's pretty much all I got right next week, I think.

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