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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Life Less (Lifeless?) Ordinary

Husband's gallbladder surgery went fine. He was extremely nervous and worried but everything turned out fine. He'll be getting his gallstone at his appointment in a couple of weeks. Yes, he's going to keep his gallstone. Apparently, he thinks this is acceptable as he grew it all by himself.

As long as I don't have to look at it. Ew.

Other than that, things are going along just the same as they ever were. I'm working on the Giraffe for Little Man (the head, body, and two of the four legs are done...just need to finish the other two legs, ears, spots, and poms...and put it all together). I'm hoping to have it done in a few weeks. Things take much longer when you have small children around...or big children, as the case may be.

My house looks like a couple of hurricanes went through...I know, it's nothing to joke about. But there is crap *everywhere* around here. I picked up the living room on Tuesday as best as I could...and then my friend's daughter came over and basically took out every toy of Little Man's and was refusing to put them back. I was going to get the kitchen cleaned up but that didn't happen. I'm hoping to do that today.

So, aside from Husband's surgery and the house being a mess and knitting not getting done...we bought new fish for the freshwater tank. Our tank was looking a little sad so on Sunday, we went to Aqua Terra in Wauwatosa (Milwaukee) and got fish for the tank. We had five left...and now there are more. Of all the fish we got (and we got maybe fifteen or so), only one has died...a yellow Molly. I'm not tall enough to get it out of the tank without standing on a stool (and I don't know where the stool is). We also purchased a 55-gallon tank with stand (and the glass topper, lamp, filters, and heater) off of Craigslist for $200 (keep in mind that just the tank and stand would normally be anywhere from $800-$1000...and then you add in all the other stuff). It's not doing anything (yet). I'm hoping to clean it one of these days. We're planning to do a saltwater tank with it...

Oh, and this Saturday, we're going to pick up a 29-gallon tank and stand for $25 (something that would normally cost $150-$300). We really only want the stand because our stand, although sturdy, is easily grabable and we have a Little Man that likes to explore and grab everything and anything. I really don't fancy him pulling down a 30-gallon tank, full, plus the would literally kill him. The tank, plus water, fish, gravel, and other amenities, weighs at least 275 lbs, if not more...probably more. We're going to switch out the stands and re-sell the tank and stand on the aforementioned Craigslist.

Anyway, here's someone cute to get you through the week...


  1. He is precious Renee Anne.
    Glad to read your husband's surgery went well.
    And oh boy, what an investment in fish and tank and accessories. I still remember my dad cleaning his tank water and suckin' on that hose to get hte siphoning started - ew! I told him there are pumps now like the pump handles to pump up a bike tire.

  2. frogs and monkeys and babies..what could get better? The Hubs was into fish for we have an empty 30 gallon tank sitting in our dinging's filled with coral, but nothing else..

  3. Little Man looks so cute sleeping and clutching his toy. Glad hubby's surgery went well.

  4. I'm glad your husband's surgery went well. I would keep my gallstone too, if I had one removed! And Little Man is so cute!
    Well done on the Craigslist bargins