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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So, um...hi?

I've been quiet as of late. It's not that I don't have anything to post about but things have gotten hectic around here lately.

Husband is having surgery next week, pending that his gallbladder doesn't freak out too much before then. We don't know if they're going to do the deal with the little tube thing or if they're going to have to open him up and do it that way. What we do know is that he has a gallstone the size of a golf ball. He's in immense pain and crabby. I don't blame him.

Because of this, it means I really don't get a break from Little Man. And he's going through a growth spurt again..and he's got four (yes, that's 4) teeth coming in right now...putting the total to six teeth. He's biting and chewing everything. He's also discovered that he can roll all over the room so I can't just lay him down on the floor to go make him a bottle. I have to actually put him somewhere like his swing or the playpen. He's also started hitching his legs up under him and pushing up on his arms. Silly boy can't even sit up that well and he's already trying to crawl. *sigh* I'm not ready for a crawler yet!

On the knitting front, I'm still working on giraffe for Little Man. I have the head and body done (but not stitched together) and I finished the first leg last night. The legs really don't take me that long but I have to pay attention so I don't make them too long. I'm also working on my Skyp socks. I've finished the heel flap and turning the heel on the first sock...finally. I think I have other things going on, too but I'm brainfarting.

I'm participating in (or have recently participated in) several swaps. The most recent I've participated in was the Teacher swap. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on my package...the person who had me sent me an e-mail that said she did send it and it should be here soon. That was ten days ago...and no package. She was also the person I had (it was a blind swap so you may not have had the person who had you)...and I don't know if she got her package either. I haven't heard anything from her and I've e-mailed her twice. Hrm.

The next swaps coming up are the Organized Knitting swap and the Doctor Who swap. I think they're both supposed to go out in August...I'll have to check. I think that's all I've got going on...I think I'll have to check that, too.

Anyway, my hum-drum life is calling me (laundry - how I hate thee!).

Oh, and before I forget......I have some new spinning (almost) done. I just have to wash the hank and let it dry. I should take pictures. Oh, and I need to finish plying the rest of it. It just wouldn't fit on one bobbin. *sigh* Such is my life...


  1. There seems to be a run on gallbladder removal right now ! My sister and a good friend both had theirs removed within the last month ,....he'll feel SO much better when it's done :-)

  2. I'll think good thoughts for your husband. However they do the surgery, he'll feel much better after.

  3. A lot to deal w/on your plate but you're one strong Mamasita so hang in there and thank goodness for knitting and spinning!

  4. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery after his surgery. I hope you find some you time in all the craziness at some point.

  5. Hi Renee Anne,
    I hope you don't think I'm stalking you but I couldn't for my life find an email address to send to. :) You won the ball and skein pink laceweight yarn from the 200 shawl project giveaway. Please let me know where to send your goodies, and congrats!! (marveloustoy AT yahoo dot com)

    PS, I feel you on the not getting a break from shorties thing. Mine is pestering me to fix something for him as I type this out.

    Best of luck

  6. Where do you find all these swaps? Are they on Rav?

  7. And good luck to your husband, hope everything went alright or goes alright!

  8. Yep....swaps on Ravelry. There's actually a way to filter groups that are swap-only or the like. And some of the non-swap-only groups do swaps, too :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by and yes, you have a full plate (no pun intended) right now....eventually you will do it....I hope everything goes well for the husband and Little Man stays healthy...