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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week Gone By...

It's been crazy in this house for the last week. Of course, for those of you that remember (here and here, for reference), we picked up Peter last week. For a puppy, he's really good. He basically lays around most of the day, occasionally plays (with or without us), eats, sleeps, and makes. He's a dog...very docile and well behaved. We had him at Husband's parents' house and he ran around the backyard with their dog (an 80+ lb golden retriever)...and jumped on her and tried to get her to play (she wasn't having it). Then he climbed up on the couch with Husband and slept. He's a good puppy.

Little Man has figured out how to get from his back or belly up into a sitting position...without props. He's also a click away from crawling. Ever since we brought Puppy home, Little Man has been wanting to chase him around the house...except he can't. He's started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking. He's not quite sure how to propel himself forward without falling on his face. He doesn't move his hands. He's so cute.

In the land of knitting...well, I've been blessed this last week. I joined the Random Acts of Kindness group on Ravelry and people have been gifting me patterns (mostly). I've been informed that I have a box coming, too! I've also been gifting things, as well (patterns). I also received two packages from the same swap. One of them was an angel package because my original swap package never arrived......and, of course, no sooner than the first package arriving on my door step, I get an e-mail from my swap partner that said that the package was returned to her while she was on vacation and she re-sent it. It arrived about four days later. *sigh* So, now I have two packages...and I feel bad. I got two while everyone else got one. So, for my angel, I'm going to put together a package for her and send her something fun and lovely :)

Anyway, someone cute...


  1. Glad sunshine is over your household and is bringing smiles and happy times.

  2. He's got the best smile!!! And you can never have too many butt-up-in-the-air sleeping shots!

  3. Little man is so cute! He has the sweetest smile.