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Friday, August 19, 2011

FO Friday

I finished something. Congrats to Kepanie for correctly guessing that the blue ribbed WIP from yesterday was a beanie.

It was, indeed, a beanie.

See? Little Man likes his new beanie. Unfortunately, the above photograph is with him wearing it inside out (not that you can tell, right?).

This is him wearing it correctly. He appears less than thrilled...but he's not. He likes it.

The pattern was a test knit for Yarn-dar called Boater Bob Inspired Rib Hat. It was made using US #3 and US #6 DPNs (3.25mm and 4mm) and about .7 skeins of Babyboo in the Ice Blue colorway. I made the 6-12 month size, though I'll probably make the 12-18 month soon enough because, well, Little Man will need it for the spring.

If I were to do this pattern again (in this size), I'd probably make it a titch shorter...only because if I put it on Little Man properly, it falls down over his eyes. And, really, he's got such pretty eyes (and no, I'm not just saying that because I'm his mother). I might make it a bit shorter when I make the 12-18 month size, too. We'll see. The only modification that I made to the pattern was a complete accident, which I noted in my notes section on my project page for this hat. I accidentally CO 76 stitches instead of 78 stitches and adjusted when I got to the big ribbing. It didn't matter too much and it's probably better that I CO fewer stitches, even if it was only two stitches, because it had plenty of stretch to it.

That's the only FO I have for now...I'm almost done with Little Man's giraffe and I'm almost done with the first of the Skyp socks and I'm almost done with this and I'm almost done with that...

Oh, I forgot. Something else that I finished that I can show you :)

Remember the Doctor Who Swap that I participated in? This is the "homemade" object that I sent along. It's a The Angels Have the Blue Box dishcloth. I used US #7 circulars (Knit Picks interchangeables) and Dishie from Knit Picks in the Jay colorway.  I made some modifications to this project, but not with the "guts" of it. The interior portion of the pattern was just as written but I modified the border. The border for the pattern is only two stitches on the sides and five rows at the top and bottom and that's just not enough for me. I made the sides a total of five stitches and did six rows at the top and bottom. I also changed it from garter stitch to seed stitch. Seed stitch is extremely boring and nitpicky to knit but I love the results.

Also, I know this isn't a FO, per se....but it kind of is. It's a finished box of things that I sent off to missytoo (Missy) for the aforementioned Doctor Who Swap. I put a notebook in with "library" books and I labeled it "Silence in the Library." There is a bar of Cadbury chocolate because, well, it's British. The dishcloth is in there (with the pink ribbon around it). There's a Tardis blue pen because, well, it's Tardis blue. I put a tape measure in there to measure how long you've been away, a bottle of Eucalan wash (it's something everyone should have), and two skeins of yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock and Malabrigo Sock. The Cascade is Tardis blue and the Malabrigo reminds me of the color of 7's question mark.

Okay, that's enough. That's all I have right now....

By the way, it's Friday. Have I told you how much I love Fridays?!


  1. Very cool swap box! Love the dishcloth...

    The first picture is funny! The hat looks great on him

  2. Lucky missy! A package chock full of goodness!

    I love the first picture, the blurry one with the hat inside out. It just goes to show how busy and active he is!

  3. Cute beanie on his lil' noggin'! Mahalo for the linkback.

  4. What a happy little man, great beanie too! I absolutely love the doctor who dishcloth!

  5. he is so cute! the beanie looks great on him =)

  6. Super cute beanie and an even cuter model!