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Thursday, November 24, 2011

FO Friday

It's Friday and it means it's time for another installment of FO Friday :) For once, I actually have something to show on FO Friday! And I can do it without fear that the recipient will find it (though, her mother may).

Okay, so it's not fits my head!
Pattern: Madison by Becca Sheffler
Yarn: Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Superwash in......Navy and Sky Blue (I think)
Needles: US #8 DPNs (5) and my little cable needle
Size: Child as it's for my niece...but it might be too big around and not long enough, even though I had gauge and followed the pattern...
Modifications: I made a striped version. I'm planning to add earflaps and i-cord ties (probably in the navy blue) because it's not quite long enough to fully cover the ears and it does get cold and snowy in our Nation's Capital.

Extreme close-up!

It has slight cabling, nothing too extreme. I did mess up a teensy bit on the striping but only because I switched colors a needle too early and wound up forgetting a cable section when I switched colors. Oops. It's not that noticeable and I doubt that anyone aside from a knitter would notice it. I know it's there and it's not like I could rip back and somehow fix it because I had already cut the yarn and didn't notice until I was around to it again. Oh well.

It's intended for Husband's niece, Sweet Girl. We're flying out to Washington DC to see them for Christmas and I figured I better have something for her since there's no way I'm going to have her hippo finished by then (or even started, as the case may be). So, I made her this hat :)

The plan is to knit two more: one in the sky blue (the one from WIP Wednesday) and one in the navy blue for Sweet Girl's parents for Christmas. We'll see if I get that far. As it stands, I might be knitting the child size for both the parents, too because this one almost fits me. We shall see. Originally, I was going to make Sweet Girl's hat just in the Sky Blue but I decided, after conferring with Husband, that her's should be the stripes. Her mom (Husband's SI) is getting the Sky Blue, and my BIL (Husband's brother) is getting the Navy. I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to make the same hat for my BIL...I might just make him a plain beanie but we'll see how the Sky Blue one turns out (i.e., if it's too "girly").

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