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Sunday, November 20, 2011

No Pants Sunday

Yes, it's Sunday...and that means it's "No Pants Sunday."

But really, we're all wearing pants, except the dog because, well, Puppy just doesn't need to wear pants.

So, what happens on a "No Pants Sunday?" Nothing. That's kind of the point. We sit around, have no plans, and basically do absolutely nothing important. We did make a quick trip up to Best Buy in Madison so we could buy the new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii, which Husband is now playing...well, he's getting it set up so he can play it in the living room. This is good because I've been wanting to play not only the new Zelda, but also my Harry Potter game...and all the other games we have (I need to get good at Mario Kart again and I'd love to play Mario Galaxy some more and I think we have Ghostbusters and a bunch of other games that I like). So, Husband is going to be likely playing Zelda for quite awhile and Little Man *should* be going down for a nap but he's kind of being a puke about it. I can hear him jumping up and down and banging on the side of his crib. I'll probably go get him out of there soon enough, if he doesn't calm down and nap. As long as Little Man is napping, Puppy is in his kennel because he whines otherwise when Little Man is napping. He's kind of stupid like that. He doesn't do it any other time except when Little Man is napping or has to go out for a pee. Silly dog.

And what am I going to do on this "No Pants Sunday?" I'm probably going to knit. I'm going to have something for FO Friday this week! This is a new development as it usually takes me quite awhile to finish anything. But, I have something this week! I don't really want to do much else today so that sounds like a good plan.

How are you spending "No Pants Sunday?"


  1. I wish we'd had that kind of day. We did our faux Thanksgiving meal with the in-laws. I was so happy to get home and relax all evening though.

  2. Sound like a really great relaxing sunday! I went to a charity knitting session I was running, and made a teeny tiny cardie!