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Thursday, December 8, 2011

FO Friday........

Sometimes, I just amaze myself. I have TWO Finished Objects to show off this week...I'm so proud of myself :)

The specifics:
Pattern: None...based the stitch count and decreases on the Madison hat
YarnNashua Handknits Creative Focus Superwash in Navy
Needles: US #8 DPNs
Size: Well, since there wasn't really a pattern, I can say whatever I want...but it's made for my BIL so I'm going to say "Adult" for size
Modifications: Again, since there really isn't a pattern, there aren't really any modifications...right?

This is my BIL's Christmas present. I made it in less two days. I started it on Saturday and finished it on Monday night. I'm rather amazed with myself. The color, however, is not represented properly in this photo. I took it with my iPhone and it was only lamp lighting...not the best. It turned out brighter in the photograph than it actually is. Also, this isn't blocked...I just wanted to get the photo done. Oh well...

But, FO Friday gets even better...

The specifics...
Pattern: Basic Sock Pattern (Universal Top-Down Sock) from Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Sock Book
YarnSami Merino by Creatively Dyed Yarns in Dark
Needles: US #2 DPNs (Blackthorn)
Size: Um......I can't find the book so I'm going to go with Women's Medium because that sounds right
Modifications: I went up to a US #2 instead of using the US #1 that the pattern called for...if I were going to make these again, I'd use #1s because they turned out a little too large. I even did a gauge swatch. ::sigh::

When I purchased this yarn at Knit-In 2010, I knew it would become socks. I didn't anticipate that they would take me almost a year to make. I started the socks in January of 2011 and I finished on Monday night. Seriously, eleven months to make socks? That's just silly...I think I'm getting better. I screwed up the kitchener stitch on the second sock because I, apparently, don't read directions. It's not horrible and it got the job done but, basically, the kitchner is inside out. Also, these look weird because they're not washed or blocked. I'll take a better picture once I get them washed and put on the sock blockers.

Anyway, that's FO Friday for you :) For more FO Friday fun, go visit Tami's blog...


  1. Any pair of finished socks is awesome to me - blocked or not :)

  2. Yay on getting two projects done to share!

  3. I love how green those socks are!

  4. lovely! that is perfect bright yarn for socks!

  5. Socks always look weird when they're not on blockers or on someone's feet, don't they. What a great colour and a nice pattern. Well done!

  6. Oh, I love their Shreky greeness!! Great job.

  7. Good for you! Finished stuff is always a treat! I have gloves to finish this morning before I can mail boxes. No pressure there!!!

  8. how do you make those hats? I would love to learn the basics of it