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Saturday, December 3, 2011

From the depths of the office....

Husband got a bug in his pants a few days ago: we should clean out the office...and I mean totally empty. Little Man's room is too cold in the winter (southeast side of the house) and the office is warmer and right next to our room get the idea.

For normal people, this probably isn't a big deal. I mean, there's probably a desk, chair, maybe a table with craft supplies, a bookshelf (or two or three, complete with books), and other officey-type things. It might have a couple piles of paperwork or some crafting supplies out but is otherwise neat and orderly.

Yeah, not my office.

My office is the pit. It's been a dumping ground since we moved in here almost 3 years ago. And prior to that, it was a pit because my grandparents didn't use it for much of anything except a dumping ground...but when Little Man was born, it got really bad. Prior to his birth, I had actually gotten it into something of a slightly useable space. I could, at least, get to the desk and do things on it and get to the bookshelf. I had a pile of boxes of things I was willing to get rid of. Once he was born, it turned into the room where we threw everything when we didn't know where to put it or we needed to get it out of the way immediately.

Most recent additions to the office include a couple of bags of yarnyfiber things, my spinning wheel, and the coffee table from the living room (which is octagonal and has an approximate diameter of four feet). Let's keep in mind that there were other things added to the room before those, like all my purchases from Stitches Midwest (which can be found in this post) and Wisconsin Sheep & Wool, boxes of collectibles, things that were already there, a sewing machine, a bookshelf, the desk with my desktop computer (which hasn't been used in quite some time), a huge laser printer, and a bunch of random officey things. It was a very full room and it's not a big room so it looks even more full because the room is so small. *sigh*

Anyway, Husband has this grand idea to clean out the office and move Little Man's bedroom. He doesn't know how to help me, though, because it's all my crap...he'll help me move the desk and the big stuff but going through everything is kind of my deal.

So, what did I do today? I plunged into the office and started going through boxes, throwing things out, deciding what to donate, deciding what to put on Freecycle, deciding what to sell on Craigslist, deciding what I needed to keep (or should keep or wanted to keep)...I actually got a fair amount done. Sadly, the room doesn't look any just looks like more of a mess. I hauled out two full bins of yarn and a full bin of fiber (and another bag)...I have a couple of boxes of stuff to put on Freecycle and a box to take to St. Vinny's and a couple of boxes of things to's just a mess.

I feel better, though. It needs to get done and if this is the push I need, then so be it.

But, let's keep it real: I hate cleaning. It sucks.


  1. good luck! I have a room like that at my dad's house where all my childhood things have been thrown. I'm sure I'll have to clean it one day, but I definitely don't look forward to it.

  2. Also - here is a tutorial (one of many) for crochet seams:

    It is UNBELIEVABLY easy, I can't believe it took me so long to realise it! =)

  3. Oh boy do I hear you. Our office is a dumping ground and I don't dust it. It was supposed to be cleaned out over the summer so my eldest could have her own room. Now Papa Bear wants it to be everybody's office but Mama still has to clean it out. Bleh.
    Good luck.