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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Brief #180

Yes, kids, it's Wednesday again...that day when I'm supposed to drag out my WIPs and tell you what I've been doing. I've only been working on four projects lately, one of which is finished, I'm going to spare you the entire WIP list.

First up, we have Little Man's Cobblestone Baby Blanket.

Close up of the pattern...sort of.

For size comparison (please note the Macbook Pro in the background)

The above photographs were from...well, it was sometime right after Little Man's birthday so maybe two months ago or thereabouts. The blanket really hasn't changed a lot since then. I'm probably another full repeat and a half past that point (if not further - and I think it's further, to be honest). It doesn't look that different...just longer. I haven't bothered to photograph it more recently because, honestly, why?

Pattern: Little Man's Cobblestone Baby Blanket (which isn't written yet)
Yarn: Knitting Worsted by Brown Sheep in a seafoam green color
Needles: US #6 24" circulars....or maybe they're 32" ones. I can't remember.
Size: Eventually, it'll be able to be adapted to any size. But, for my purposes, it's baby-sized.
Modifications: Um.......none. Yeah, that sounds right...

Secondly, I have my Simple Skyp Socks. I have the first sock finished but this is what the second one looks like...

Maybe four repeats in a twenty-five repeat pattern...

The above photograph was taken yesterday. I'm trying to do at least a couple rounds every day but sometimes, that just doesn't happen. I'm okay with that, though...I'm working on them and that's all that is important :)

Pattern: Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku
Yarn: Socks that Rock - Medium by Blue Moon Fiber Arts in Chickabiddy
Needles: US #1 Blackthorn DPNs....I'm 95% sure they're #1s
Size: One size, I believe...adjusted for foot length, obviously.
Modifications: I added another repeat of the pattern in the cuff on the first I probably should for the second one, right?

Thirdly, I'm working on my Vanilla Socks. I debated whether or not I was going to make another pair of Skyp Socks or if I wanted to make something plain and I decided that I'd go with something plain, for now (though I do fully intend to make another pair of Skyp Socks in the future).

Pattern: None...but I'm using a basic idea in my head for how many stitches I CO and we'll see what happens when I get down toward the heel. I might decide to do something like an afterthought heel or something different. We'll see...
Yarn: Sock Yarn by htNEVELE Designs in the Parrotfish colorway
Needles: US #1 Signature Needles
Size: Whatever size fits me.
Modifications:'s my pattern so there really can't be any, right?

Fourthly..........wait, there is no fourthly. I know, I said I've been working on four projects in the last few days. Well, I finished one so you're going to have to wait until Friday to see it :)


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In other things going on in my world...Little Man has decided that it's high time he learns to climb. He's kind of been trying to climb into the pack-n-play for a few weeks but today, he got about halfway up before I caught him and told him to get down. I don't mind that he wants to climb things...but I want him to be safe about it. That's probably why we kind of freaked out on Sunday morning when I was getting the rest of breakfast out and Husband was sitting at the table, only to look up and catch Little Man standing in the seat of his high chair. He was buckled in, too...that's the worst part. He had twisted himself sideways, and slid his legs out...little turd. We bought a new high chair that has a five-point harness (shoulder straps and leg straps that connect in the middle, much like a car seat). He's not happy that he can't twist around but he also can't get up and stand in his high chair, either. I'm okay with that.

He also likes to stand on his sit-n-spin...and his new scooter toy thingie.


See this? It's my not-quite-a-trike trike. It makes noise when I bounce on it.


  1. Everything looks great! I love the plain sock color. That yarn is beautiful!
    The climbing stage is so hard. My son loved to climb on and off the couch so I put pillows on the floor so he didn't hit his head on the hardwood floor.

  2. I love your color choices on the sock projects! Knitting a blanket, afghan sort of thing is an exercise in patience, isn't it. You can't see much progress even after hours of knitting!

    I'm trying to figure out a way to document finished knitting on the sidebar of my blog. I use Blogger. Any suggestions?

  3. I cannot believe how big Little Man is getting!

    Also, GO YOU for persevering through the blanket! I made a baby blanket for my 2nd cousin and it was crochet and I was ready to shred it after a few weeks of granny square!

  4. How great Little Man is active and curious! Means he's got a fine brain in that adorable noggin.
    I love how you have socks on the needles! Great colorways.
    That is really a cobblestone blanket! Very cool Renee Anne. I envision Old England alleys and such.

  5. Great blanket, though it looks like it's about to pass "baby-sized" up in a hot hurry. Also, I don't know how to tell you this, but your plain vanilla socks? There is *nothing* plain about that parrotfish yarn. Love the bright colors! Oh, and good luck wrangling the little one. It's amazing how early boys become so... boy!

  6. Very cute socks! With a busy yarn, I think a vanilla sock pattern is just perfect!

  7. The blanket looks great..I've kind of taken a break as my thumbs have been hurting.....and I'm always a fan of socks