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Thursday, May 24, 2012

And so it has begun......

Husband left for California this morning. As of this writing, there's somewhere in western Nebraska, presumably headed to Denver, Colorado for the night.

My surrogate sister, Sherri, has been over to the house to help me go through crap and sort and purge and generally keep me on task. She was here on Tuesday and today. Tuesday, we worked upstairs and, as a result, the upstairs is about 90% complete. Everything is sorted into piles: keep, Craigslist or Freecycle, Half-Price Books, the local Buy & Sell shop (if they're interested), garbage, and St. Vinny's. We took the garbage bags and the stuff for St. Vinny's downstairs today (and the stuff for St. Vinny's was taken to St. Vinny's). Once we got that taken care of, we worked on the basement. My grandparents had some rickety shelving that my grandpa built and it was filled with boxes of.....well, crap, to be honest. The shelves are probably a total of twenty to thirty feet in length, with four shelves that go from the floor to the ceiling...and they were filled with boxes. We started pulling boxes and going through their contents. So far, we have probably five or six boxes for St. Vinny's, a small pile for the Buy & Sell shop to look at, a small pile for Craigslist or Freecycle, two boxes of things to keep (mostly old Workbasket Magazines but also some photos and both my grandparents' high school diplomas and my grandma's high school yearbooks), a buttload of empty boxes, and probably twelve to fifteen contractor bags of things for the dumpster (also known as "crap" or "garbage"). I'm not surprised that we have that much stuff for the dumpster because I knew that most of what was on those shelves was crap. I was just surprised at how little time it took to go through it all. We started around 9am and we had probably 75% of those shelves sorted before noon. Granted, we still have the boxes and bags in the basement to be moved to their future locations...but 75% of that shelf sorted and purged is kind of a big deal. I fully expected that just the sorting in the basement would take in the neighborhood of two weeks by itself and the entire basement to take me at least three weeks (with cleaning and moving everything out). So, I'm surprised at how quickly it's going. Of course, my tune may change next week. We'll see.

Little Man has been doing pretty well in daycare. He's brought home half the sandbox in his shoes and diapers as well as bumps and bruises. He's even napping for a solid hour while he's there. Not that it's helping with getting him down at night...but he's napping and that's important. He did his first painting on Tuesday (that I was hoping to slip into Husband's suitcase but it didn't happen) and played in the water sensory table today (which he loved). He's even kind of eating while he's there.

I'm trying to make a daily schedule for myself so that I can try to keep on task and get things done when they need to get done. It's not perfect but it's working out pretty well.

Anyway, I may post pictures of knitting this weekend. We'll see.

If you're on Ravelry and an iPhone user, have you downloaded the new Ravelry apps? Wooly and Yarma.

It's almost time for Little Man to get to bed.......


  1. Until this year, hubby and I were dealers of vintage and collectible items. I gasped when you were describing garbage bags full of "stuff". We used to frequently attend estate auctions. It is amazing how much people will pay for other people's stuff.
    Anyway I know you are crunched for time. But I have a feeling an auctioneer would have had a grand old time going through your stuff.
    It's quite a job to pack up a house. It must be so exciting!

  2. It sounds like you're making great progress! Good luck!

  3. You are doing so well cleaning out your house. Glad Little Man is having a ball at daycare.
    We'll hook up when you arrive.

  4. Does it feel good to be making that kind of purge?? I loved it when I last moved and got rid of so much stuff!