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Monday, January 21, 2013

Missed It Monday: The News Keeps Getting Better and Better!

Happy Monday!

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it's a balmy 60°F (15.5°C), the sun is out, and there's a slight breeze.

Things just keep getting better and better! Maybe we're finally catching a break! I feel like for the whole time I've known Husband, we just haven't been able to catch a break. He lost his job soon after we met, he worked horrible temp jobs to help keep food on our table (I also wasn't working that much), then we got married and he got a temp job that turned into full-time (right before Little Man was born). We were finally on an upswing...and then his boss quit and the job was shoved on him, I lost my job when the place closed, and things were starting to plateau. And then Husband lost his job again. Cue freak out! Three months of total uncertainty.

Then Husband got the job out here, and we packed up and moved across the country. We had two properties back in Wisconsin that needed to be sold and they were sitting and sitting and sitting and nothing was happening (my grandparents' house and my mom's condo - both inherited). We thought we'd never get out of here. We thought it was pointless to even look at houses. And, at the time, it was.

Then we got a bite on the house and went with it.

Today, my realtor in Wisconsin emailed me with awesome news. The house is 99% certain to close on February 18th (which we already knew - and that's part of what allowed us to put the offer in on the house we got). But, even better, after lowering the price on my (mom's) condo, we got an offer on that one, also...for a good chunk more than the lowered price.

It's not perfect. There are some contingencies: the buyers' property needs to close (they have a buyer and they're taking care of those things) and they need to get their financing in order, they want a home inspection (duh), and a separate inspection for the fireplace (because it's apparently not within the realm of "normal" inspections). We expect to close on March 15th.

Woo-hoo! Things are finally falling into place and maybe we're going to catch a break! Finally!


  1. What a relief to have the house and condo sold (keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with the closings). Today in Madison area, the high was a balmy 5F. Enjoy your light sweater weather!

  2. Keeping fingers crossed for you!! Exciting news!

  3. What great glad to hear you've caught a break !

  4. Hooray! Got my fingers crossed for you, darlin'!