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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Year Two: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #1

Hello, hello, hello! It's SUNDAY and that means that it's time for another installment of my Self-Imposed Year of Proj.......wait, what? Didn't I just finish that up?

Yes. Yes, I did. Last week was the wrap-up of my Self-Imposed Year of Projects, for lack of a better way to put it...but still, it means that I finished last week.

But wait! THERE'S MORE! Yes! I've decided that I'm going to partake in a second Self-Imposed Year of Projects. It shall be known as my Second Self-Imposed Year of Projects. Or something. I don't know. I haven't decided what to call it...just that it's my second round of my self-imposed year of projects.

Anyway, after last week's wrap-up of my First Self-Imposed Year of Projects, I'm going to spend this post outlining my Second Self-Imposed Year of Projects and give you the first week's update all in one fell swoop.

I've set things up a little differently this time around. Well, maybe not. It's hard to really know because by the last couple of updates, I had a (short) WIP list and a (rather long) list of FOs. So, maybe it's not that different. Maybe it is. I don't know. Anyway, onward...

Finished Objects (FOs)
* Please note that there's nothing listed here because, well, this is the first update :)

Works-in-Progress (WIPs)
1. Icarus Shawl: started March 15, 2010
2. Mama's Vanilla Socks (round 2): started June 29, 2012
3. Eat Your Monkey Socks: started November 29, 2012
4. There's probably something I started while we've been traveling...
* These were carried over from my First Self-Imposed Year of Projects

Now for the part I know you're just dying to see! Behold! My list(s) of Planned Projects :)

Children's Items 
1. "Little 16" Newborn Socks (need to purchase)
2. Garter Stripe Baby Socks
3. Baby Surprise Jacket
4. Toddler Socks
5. Alvin Sweater
6. A New Sock Monkey
7. Vested Baby Boy
8. Stig (need to purchase)
9. Greyson (need to purchase)

Items for Me (Selfish Knitting FTW!)
1. Rose's Wrist Warmers
2. Viking Bag
3. Campfire Socks
4. Red Dwarf Socks
5. Vancouver Fog Fingerless Mitts
6. Freeport Vest
7. Zombie ViXen Fingerless Mitts
8. Ardys

Household Items
1. Halloween Creepy Cloths (1) (need to purchase)
2. Halloween Creepy Cloths (2) (need to purchase)
3. Assorted Harry Potter Cloths
4. Assorted Doctor Who Cloths
5. Grrlfriend Market Bag
6. Petal Dishcloth

Designs (which may or may not be sooper seekrit - obviously the sooper seekrit ones aren't listed)
1. Little Man's Baby Blanket
2. Susan's Hat (4 versions)
3. Assorted dishcloths (set of 12?)
4. Traveling Vines Scarf
5. Traveling Vines Socks (baby for sure, maybe adult-sized as well)
6. Pinwheel Market Bag
7. Anything else that comes along (I have a notebook somewhere with potential designs somewhere)

Because there are so many variables in these lists (with the "assorted" and "16 pairs" and potential designs and such), I can't give you a definitive number of potential projects. I may only make two of the Halloween cloths or just one pair of the set of 16 newborn socks. It happens. So, the definitive numbers will be with my (hopefully) ever-growing list of FOs.

You may have noticed that I don't have any hats listed. I do have reasons behind this. The first reason is that I had a very difficult time deciding on which hat(s) I wanted to knit during my First Self-Imposed Year of Projects. Secondly, We don't need that many hats running around our residence. We no longer live in Wisconsin so having a huge supply of warm, winter hats isn't high on my priority list. Thirdly, yes, I realize I can make hats for donation. However, most of my yarn stash is wool and will felt if thrown in the washer...and most places that accept hats for donation require them to be either acrylic or cotton. Does this mean that I've given up on knitting hats? No. In fact, I fully expect some to creep in somewhere but I don't want to give any sort of definite number or any specific patterns.

Anyway, there you have it. The seed has now been planted for my Second Self-Imposed Year of Projects.

Also, tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. Yes, kids, I've been walking this Earth for 33 years as of tomorrow. I'm so (not) excited. Woo.

I expect I'll be back at some point this week with photos from our cruise. Yes, we've gone on another cruise. This will be Husband's and my fourth cruise and Little Man's third cruise. I might even have a lovely FO to show you :) Or not. We'll have to see. I wouldn't hold my breath but it's possible :)


  1. So glad to see your back for a second year and I love the list and can see me adding a few to my favourites already !
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow and looking forward to seeing the cruise pics.

  2. I can't wait to see the beginnings of these new, slated projects. I am wondering if I should partake in YOP as there are some projects I want to do as I have the yarn for it. Awww, when I was 33, I was newly married and was juggling a preschooler and a koala baby infant.
    An early Hau oli 'la hanau to you and have wonderful fun on the cruise.

  3. Yay, glad to see you back! Looks like another great list and looking forward to seeing what you make over the year. And of course, most importantly, I hope you had an amazing birthday!