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Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh Crap.....

Because of the move and all the craziness that has ensued, I missed my second book review. Because it will be on a series of books and not just a singular book, I need to take some time to gather my thoughts (and find all the books). So, I expect that the book review will happen sometime next week.

Boo on me :(

In other random events, we had the washer, dryer, and upright freezer delivered yesterday. Unfortunately, the dryer had to go back. Someone made a mistake in ordering. I'm pretty sure that either Husband didn't clearly specify that we needed an electric dryer or the person on the other end of the phone wasn't paying attention. Either way, we got a gas dryer......we don't have a gas hookup there so we can't exactly have a gas dryer. ::sigh:: At least we have the washer. I can hang stuff around to dry if we need to. We've also decided that we're buying a new fridge. We just don't like the one we have. Luckily, we have someone that wants to buy it so we're good there.

The house is coming along slowly but surely. We only have two pieces of Ikea furniture left to put together (and it's two of the same thing). We got the sectional couch put together on Wednesday night and I finished putting the buffet together just before that. Now that most of the furniture is in their rightful places, we can start organizing a bit better. I've been unpacking boxes containing books and files the last few days. I decided that there were some things I just didn't need to keep. I have five or six notebooks from my college days that I've decided they can be thrown out. I have the textbooks so I really don't need my notes...except for my stats notebook. That one I'm going to keep. I also have a stack of paper that was printed on one side (mostly from my year and a half at the University of Wisconsin). I'm going to let Little Man use it for coloring. He loves to color. I also spent some time cataloging my knitting books...and my inherited knitting books (magazines, pamphlets, etc.). I think we're spending tomorrow unpacking and organizing. Or I'll unpack while Husband watches Little Man. Or something like that. Who knows.

Anyway, I hope things are well for you all. I should be back on Sunday with my Self-Imposed Year of Projects update....not that a ton of knitting has been happening but there has been some progress :)

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  1. So much to do. No worries. The house must be in order first.