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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yarn Review #5: Knit One Crochet Too Babyboo

Happy Thursday! It's time for another yarn review. As per usual, I am your host, Renee Anne, and I am running late. I think this is just going to be a theme with my reviews, in general...always late. Oh well. At least I'm trying to keep up on them!

The intention is that once a month, roughly about mid-month (depending on the day - Year of Projects are on Sundays, WIP Wednesdays are on Wednesdays, and FO Fridays are on Fridays so rarely will you see a Yarn Review on those days), I'll do a yarn review, which may or may not include multiple types of the same yarn or multiple different yarns on the same day. The yarns in question, unless specified, are coming from my stash, purchased by me, for me, and for my use. I've been given no money or other non-monetary gifts for these yarn reviews. The reviews are of my opinion and based on my own experience and do not necessarily coincide with other fiber enthusiasts, though they may.

And that, friends and readers, is my disclaimer :) Let's get to it!


1. Information About the Company: Unfortunately, my Google-fu is failing me miserably. There is a website for Knit One Crochet Too but it refuses to load for whatever reason. So, I know next to nothing about the company other than they're located in Windham, Maine.

2. Other Yarns Offered: Ah, here's something I can answer. They have several other yarns including 2nd Time Cotton, Cria Lace, Crock-o-dye, Paintbox, Soxx Appeal, Ty-Dy Socks, and Linus. You can find a list on Ravelry right here.

3. Information About the Yarn (specific to this yarn review)
     - Official Name: Babyboo
     - Fiber Content: 55% Nylon (Polyamide) & 45% Bamboo
     - Skein Weight & Yardage: 1.76 oz (50 g) & 115 yds (105 m)
     - Gauge: 21-22 sts = 4" using US #5-6 needles (3.75-4 mm)
     - Weight: DK
     - Washing Instructions: Machine washable and dryable (delicate cycle)
     - Where to Purchase: It's available all over the US in LYS's but you can also find it online from Webs, Jimmy Beans Wool, and Yarn Market.

4. Review (the reason you're here):
     - Pros
          1. Machine washable & dryable - this is a big plus for me because I have a small child. 
          2. Durable - Because of the nylon content, this yarn is very difficult to break
          3. Variety of colors - both soft and bright, black, neutrals, you name it...
          4. Inexpensive - You get 115 yds for ~ $5.50...personally, I've paid a lot more for the same amount. 
          5. Lovely to work with - it's got a silk-like quality (which I assume is from the bamboo)
          6. Classified as an "Organic Yarn," whatever that means...
          7. Fabulous stitch definition

     - Cons
          1. Splitty - I had some trouble with this yarn splitting while knitting (I've had worse but this wasn't fun with the splitting)
          2. It's DK to make a garment for myself is going to require a lot more yarn than, say, worsted weight.

Here are a couple of projects I've made with my Babyboo...

Boater Bob Inspired Rib Hat


Another view of Lothlorien

I do have more in my stash but I haven't used it...I'm not even sure I've photographed it.

Anyway, if you're looking for a yarn for some baby items in a DK weight, this is one you'll want to check out!

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  1. Bamboo is so cool to the touch. That would definitely feel good on one's head.