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Friday, March 14, 2014

FO Friday: The Sock Edition...And a Hat?!

Happy Friday! I totally forgot that it's Friday...but, a few FO Friday posts reminded me that it was, in fact, Friday, and that I should probably get on with a FO Friday post...

These socks have been a loooooooooong time in the making. The idea popped into my head after I had been knitting maybe a year...maybe. I decided that I could be a designer (really, it can't be that hard, can it?!) and I made this scarf using some relatively newly-stashed yarn and a stitch dictionary that I had picked up at Barnes & Noble. Anyway, I made the scarf and when I was about halfway through it, I thought that the stitch pattern might be nice on other things. Well, about a year after that (around the time I finished the scarf), I was taking a sock class at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool (and I was very pregnant with Little Man at the time)...and the idea came into my head again. So, I made a prototype for the baby sock version...and then I made the second one. And then the idea sat for awhile....over a year.

But, I started the socks and now I've finished them and I can share them...

Traveling Vines Socks (link to Project Page)

Pattern: Traveling Vines Socks by me
Time Frame: started May 31, 2013; finished March 3, 2014
Yarn: Cascade Heritage Solids in Italian Plum (less than one skein - I expect I'd be able to squeeze a baby pair out of the remaining portion)
Needles: US #1 (2.25 mm)
Size: Sized to fit me (70 sts.)
Modifications: None. It's my pattern. However, straying from "conventional" top-down sock fashion, I used a Double Gusset Heel instead of the regular gusset decreases...but that's not really a modification in that I intend to include that in the pattern (as well as the regular gusset decreases).
Thoughts: These took much longer than intended but it was mostly because I was working on writing down what I was doing at the same time. The second sock went faster than the first, except when I was trying to match the other sock at the heel/gussets. So, I have the 70 st. size worked out but I also intend to have 60 st. and 80 st. sizes for adult feet (and then there are the baby/child sizes but that's a whole other ball of wax). I need to figure out the math for the heel turn and gussets on those sizes. Then I might have a working pattern. I've decided I'm going to try to self-publish this one and we'll see what happens. I was tossed about whether to self-publish or to submit it for publication elsewhere and the problem I keep coming back to is the Double Gusset Heel that I use. It is not my creation but it can be found online for, I'm tossed about it. I don't want people to think it's my creation (which is why I'll have a link to her directions and I will definitely not claim it as my own). But it's one of those things...

Anyway, yes, my socks are done and I can wear them and they're lovely and you know you want them! Too bad. The pattern isn't done yet.

But, I said this was a twofer...and so it is :)

Babbeh Hat (link to Project Page)

Pattern: None. I came up with it on spur of the moment...
Time Frame: started March 3, 2014; finished March 6, 2014
Yarn: Yarn Hollow Twisted in Ganesha (it used to be called Licorice Twist or something like that but Twisted is the "new" version of the same yarn)
Needles: US #7 (4.5 mm)
Size: 70 sts.
Modifications: None. There's no pattern to modify
Thoughts: Well, this isn't exactly a baby fits Little Man (3 years old). It was intended to be a baby hat but when it got long enough, I tried it on Little Man and it fit it's a hat for him. I have some yarn leftover but I'm not sure it's enough for an actual baby hat. So, I might stripe it with something else for another project another day. So, aside from my "whoops" that this hat is for Little Man, it's fabulous :)

Anyway, it does not appear that Tami has a link today so I'm just going to go on with life...


  1. The hat is so cute! The yarn is very pretty. BUT your socks are fabulous! I love the color and the pattern:)

  2. Yay, it's great to see the socks finished! Good luck with the publishing.

  3. That stitch pattern suits the sick very well. The baby hat is colorful. Congrats on this accomplishment.

  4. The stitch pattern is great in socks! I sit on ideas for a long time before I get around to hashing them out. I need to follow your lead and start putting some of those plans into action. Congratulations on the pattern! The socks are really lovely!!!!

  5. Fab socks, well done! I've had so many ideas for things I want to design, I really should just get on with it.