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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Y3: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #46

Welcome to the insanity that is my life on a Sunday in California...or...something. We all know why we're here (and if you've wandered in by mistake, please pull up a chair and stay for a bit...)...let's get to it!

Fnished Objects (FOs)   
1. Windschief: started January 3, 2014; finished January 10, 2014     
2. Welcome to the World Newborn Hat: started January 10, 2014; finished January 11, 2014   
3. Five Hour Baby Sweater: started January 16, 2014; finished January 29, 2014  
4. Baby Surprise Jacket: started May 27, 2013; finished February 2, 2014  
5. Welcome to the World Newborn Hat: started February 4, 2014; finished February 4, 2014 
6. Milo: started December 25, 2013; finished February 9, 2014
7. Zombie ViXen Fingerless Mitts: started November 23, 2013; finished February 19, 2014
8. Traveling Vines Socks: started May 31, 2013; finished March 3, 2014
9. Babbeh Hat: started March 3, 2014; finished March 6, 2014
10. Hurricane Hat: started April 22, 2014; finished May 15, 2014
11. Hoo Hat: started May 19, 2014; finished May 20, 2014
12. Hoo Hat: started May 20, 2014; finished May 21, 2014
13. Stormageddon's Stripey Hat: started May 22, 2014; finished May 23, 2014
14.  Greyson: started May 29, 2014; finished June 17, 2014
15. Waiting for Winter Mittens: started July 20, 2014; finished July 25, 2014  
16. Oreo Socks: started March 8, 2014; finished August 5, 2014
17. Waiting for Winter Mittens: started August 8, 2014; finished August 12, 2014
18. Sacrificial Goat: started July 27, 2014; finished August 16, 2014
19. Swirl Hat: started August 5, 2014; finished August 20, 2014
20. Sacrificial Goat #2: started August 16, 2014; finished August 24, 2014
21. Sacrificial Goat #3: started August 27, 2014; finished September 1, 2014
22. Baby Stormageddon: started after December 17, 2013; arrived 5:04pm on September 2, 2014 

23. Waiting for Winter Mittens - Cameron: started October 9, 2014; finished October 24, 2014
24. Graham for Cam: started October 27, 2014; finished November 11, 2014

Well hey, howdy, hey...would you look at that? I finished another project :) That means I'm 1/3 done with my Christmas knitting. 

Graham for Cam

This is a horrendous photo but it's what I have for right now. This was taken right after I finished weaving in the ends...which means it's unblocked, unwashed, and it was dark outside. Oh well. I still owe an FO Friday for the mittens so maybe I'll make it a two-fer. 

Works-In-Progress (WIPs)
1. Dragon's Egg Socks: started September 2, 2013
2. Pacific Shawl: started June 8, 2014
3. Swatch for The Dude: started July 16, 2014
4. Snape's Stockings: started August 20, 2014
5. Sacrificial Goat #4: started September 25, 2014

6. Waiting for Winter Mittens - Jazzlynn: started November 11, 2014 

Upon finishing up the hat pictured above, I started the next portion of my Christmas knitting: mittens and a hat for Cameron's younger sister, Jazzlynn. So far, I've finished the first mitten and started the second. I've also decided what hat I'm going to make, though I haven't started it yet (I could, I just haven't). 

The only other thing I spent any time on this week was my swatch. Yeah, the swatch. It's easy 1x1 ribbing's frickin' boring. And, to be honest, I have other things I need to finish first. Buuuuuuuuttttttttttttt........I needed something mindless and, at the time, that was it. So, I've worked a bit on that. 

This past Friday, I was able to head across the bay to Alameda for Kid-Friendly Knitting...that helped immensely with the finishing of the hat. I need to get out more often with the places where I can knit and not have to watch them Little Man like a hawk.

So, aside from finishing the hat, starting the next pair of mittens, and working on a swatch, that's all the knitting I did. I also sold some yarn via my Ravelry Destash. I still need to get to the post office to ship it out but that's another issue. I'll probably do that tomorrow :)

And now, for my "OMGWTFBBQ Knitting Lists"....

Children's Items
1. Elefante
2. Nottingham
3. Shaun
4. Gramps Cardigan (need to purchase - $6)
5. Smaug Hat

Items for Me (Selfish Knitting, FTW!)
1. Hermione Hearts Ron
2. Godric's Hollow Hat
3. Jabberwonky (which might be in the SSCB below but I don't remember) *
4. Gallifrey Fingerless Mitts
5. Weeping Angel Socks *
6. Stormont
7. Drip Drip Drop (which might be in the SSCB below but I don't remember) *

* I'll probably only pick one of these but, you know, choices and all...

Secret Sock Club Bags
(These bags are already set up with pattern and yarn - I just pick one at random and no, I don't remember what I put in there right now...I can go look later, if you're really interested. I really probably should...but, honestly, nah...)

1. Little Man's Baby Blanket
2. Susan's Hat (adult and child versions)
3. Assorted Dishcloths
4. Traveling Vines projects (adult socks, baby socks, scarf, hat, fingerless mitts, shawl, etc.)
5. Pinwheel Market Bag
6. Anything else that comes along at the right time

In other "real life" news....

Both Little Man and Stormageddon had doctor appointments this week...on the same day...and both got vaccinations...

Little Man, age four years, weighed 39.75 lbs and was 42.25" tall...which translates to the 90th percentile for height and 87th percentile for weight. In other words, he's big for his age. Stormageddon, age ten weeks (at the time), weighed 12 lbs, 12 oz and was 23.5" tall...which translates to the 50th percentile for both height and weight. He's perfectly average for his age. 

And then came the vaccinations. Little Man had been begging for his "pokeys" for over a week and a half at that point. Yes, my child wanted to get his shots. And then came the time...and I had to help hold him and he cried and then he was fine. Stormageddon just took it because he didn't know any better. He cried, I cuddled him, put him in the car seat, and he went to sleep. Then I took Little Man out for hot dogs and ice cream. Stormageddon, of course, came along but he slept through it all, which was not unexpected. 

Other things that happened this up from Little Man's birthday party and digging in my yarn closet. I did some readjusting and was able to get most of my newer purchases into an actual Rubbermaid bin and out of bags/off the floor. That was exciting. I've been needing to do something in there for awhile and I was able to take a little time to do it. 

Ummmmmmm.....what else what else what else......oh, we're caught up on The Blacklist (well, Husband is caught up and I've seen enough of them to have the gist of what's going on). Oh, and I've officially seen three episodes of this season of Doctor Who (the first one and the last two). ::sigh:: The joys of having a small child...

Anyway, I believe I should stop rambling for the moment. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and week and all that. I really need to get in and do a FO Friday...


  1. That's funny that he wanted his shots! Why? I hope life settles down for you a bit....and congrats on the finish...

  2. The hat is lovely, well done it sounds as though you got loads done this week. The older little man gets the more you will be able to get out and have me time!!

  3. It's all go go go some weeks isn't it and well done on getting in a finish amongst all that busy. Little Man makes me smile at wanting his shots and I'm glad it all went smoothly and keep getting out to places during the day, it's good.

  4. I haven't started watching the Blacklist yet, but I hear it's good! I've added it to my list. You're making great progress on your Christmas knits!

  5. That is a terrific hat. It's great how you're naturally out and about. My little one cries before the pediatrician even touches her.

  6. Lovely FO, the hat looks really cozy. :)