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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All the Small Things

It's been awhile since I've posted anything that wasn't a Self-Imposed Year of Projects post, FO Friday post, or a WIP Wednesday post....but, on a total whim, I've decided to discuss some important things....well, they're important if you're a knitter.

The Knitting Bag of Goodness.

Specifically, all those things you need to have in your knitting bag at all times because OMGLSGWTFBBQ, what if the Four Horsemen come?!

I have several project bags (with projects, obviously) stuffed into a larger tote bag as well as some other items which I haul around as my main knitting bag. I have a secondary one that has projects on time out (like my Pacific Shawl) and projects that require lots of concentration (like my Dragon's Egg Socks)...but I'm talking about my main knitting bag.

So, here are the things I haul around in my Knitting Bag of Goodness:

1. Projects (obviously). I think I have at least four active projects in this bag right now.
2. Recently finished items. In this case, I have a hat and a pair of fingerless mitts in there - both need washing/blocking which I hope to do today.
3. Scissors. Not the huge ones. Craft scissors. Sharp but small (and well hidden lest Little Man start getting into my bag).
4. Notebook. Or, in my case, two or three or four notebooks (one can never have "too many" notebooks).
5. Pens. Why have notebooks if you don't have the item used to write in them?! And, of course, one just isn't enough. I think I have an entire case of pens. My old college roommate bought me a zipper pouch a couple years ago...she's the one that re-enlightened me to knitting so once in awhile, we exchange knitting things, usually yarn...but sometimes project bags and such.
6. Notions case. Mine contains several tapestry needles for weaving in ends, small lengths of smooth yarn (for holding live stitches on things like thumb holes), at least one cable needle, and stitch markers. My notions case is not very large. There are so many options for a notions case. I've got an Altoids Tin that was covered with fancy paper and shellacked to all hell. It's also slightly magnetic, which works to keep the tapestry needles from splaying everywhere when I open it. I used to have one made by Namaste (the Better Buddy) but I retired it as I used it very well and it was falling apart, literally. I also have others in my collection but not in my bag that came from Slipped Stitch Studios.
7. DPN case. I have my Signature DPNs in the yarn bag, mostly because a recently finished project was using a set from the case and rather than separate the rest of them and risk losing something (which I am prone to doing), I keep the entire set in there. My case came directly from Signature when I purchased six sets of DPNs at a time. So, I have one that houses my Signature DPNs.....and I have another one in a different color that houses my other DPNs (yes, I have 12 sets of Signature DPNs).
8. Crochet hook. I have at least one in there know, for when you drop stitches. Or you could just be like me and never ever drop any. Okay, that's a total lie. But I have one in there, probably an H-hook, maybe a G.
9. Tape measure. I know it's in there somewhere...I just used it the other day...
10. Patterns. I can't believe I forgot about these until the end. Some of my patterns are in paper form (magazines, printouts, etc.) and, of course, need a place in my bag!

I also have an assortment of random things in there (which means it's time to clean out the bag again!).

1. Pipe cleaners. I used these on my Sacrificial Goats and just haven't moved them out of the bag yet.
2. More yarn. I have yarn for projects I've recently finished and projects I plan to make soon and yarn from projects that have been done for awhile (see, I need to clean my bag!).
3. Empty notions bags (also from Slipped Stitch Studios). I think they were just shoved in there with the intention of putting my notions case and a few other odds and ends that I need all in one place (like scissors and the tape measure).
4. Extra needles (circulars, specifically). I have a couple extra 16" circulars running around in here, and they shouldn't be here right now (again, I need to clean out my bag).
5. Toys. I have small children and my bag resides in the living room. It's understandable that a toy or two gets into the mix. When I find them, I take them out and give them back to the intended child (usually Little Man as Stormageddon is only just rolling over at this point).

So, what do you keep in your knitting bag? Or are you a one-project type where you don't need a huge bag of crap? Anything I need to check out (project bags, notions cases, etc.)? Obviously I have stuff from Slipped Stitch Studios but I also have bags from other places (Erin Lane, Blue Tulips, Daydee's Doodads, to name a few)...and I'm always looking for new project bags. Any notions cases I should know about? I like the ones from Slipped Stitch Studios (except the scissors - those freak me out) because they have everything. And, of course, I have a love of stitch markers.

Let me know :)

I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday!

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  1. Sometimes I have wanted a project bag for WIP garment, but then I think it would be so big that it would just need its own tote bag? You are so well stocked. I have one, Hello Kitty notions bag I got three, STITCHES ago.