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Friday, March 27, 2015

Just a Test....

This is just a test. No need to reply, no need to do anything other than to......well, no, there's nothing to be done here. I'm testing the Blogger app and the bluetooth keyboard.

My laptop is still borked. 


I'm also testing how the bluetooth keyboard works with the iPad in Safari....and that seems to work. The next problem is going to be adding photos. I might have to get a card reader for the iPad and use *gasp* a real camera. ::sigh::


  1. Do you have a smart phone? I love how easy it is to upload photos to my blog straight from my phone. I suppose you know that. But just in case. :^)

    1. I do have an iPhone but it's impossible to blog from. Photos are fairly easy if they're taken on said phone (and not all of them are)........but entire blog posts just don't work for me :(