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Friday, April 10, 2015

FO Friday: Another two-fer :)

It appears to be time for another installment of FO Friday as I now have a working laptop and my iPhone takes okay photos (okay for this purpose, anyway)....

So, on to a two-fer FO Friday!

Stitch's Rock Collection - Variegated (link to Project Page)

Pattern: Stitch's Rock Collection (of Hats) by ME (yes, this is my pattern!)

Time Frame: started February 27, 2015; finished April 1, 2015

Yarn: Springvale Worsted by Three Irish Girls in Captain Rogers, dyed exclusively for StevenBe in Minneapolis (acquired at Stitches West 2015) - approximately 120 yds (not sure, haven't actually weighed it but based on the fact that I got almost two hats from the one skein, I'm guessing it's slightly more than a half-skein of the yarn)

Needles: US #5 (3.75 mm) and US #8 (5 mm) 16" circulars and US #8 (5 mm) DPNs

Size: Teen/Small Adult

Modification(s): None. It's my pattern. I was testing it for fit and yardage (which I've not officially done yet).

Thoughts: Aside from running out of yarn with 8 decrease rounds to go and having to call StevenBe in Minneapolis and (1) inquire if they had another skein and (2) pending the "yes" answer of #1, have them ship me a skein of said yarn, this was a fairly quick project. I would have been done much sooner if I didn't have to order the second skein. I may be able to make a matching pair of fingerless mitts or something to go along with it. I have enough yarn :) I used slightly more than a half-skein so, there's that. It's a lovely pattern and I'm not just saying that because I'm the designer. It's versatile, unisex, and sizes! SEVEN! You could make one for every member of your family....

Or, you could if it wasn't still in the testing phase. I hope to have it up and ready by the end of the month :)

Anyway, moving along to the second FO in our two-fer FO Friday :)

Sorin Fingerless Mitts (link to Project Page)

Pattern: Sorin Fingerless Gloves by Carrie Sullivan (IrishGirlieKnits)

Time Frame: started March 8, 2015; finished March 31, 2015

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Celery (less than a half-skein) - which is not conveyed properly by these photos. They are significantly less blue and more of a light green.

Needles: US #6 (4 mm) DPNs

Size: Worsted (as opposed to the sport weight version)

Modification(s): I split up the thumb gusset increases by putting one on the row before the "official" increase. It made more sense for me to do it that way because of how they landed on the DPNs for the left one (which I did first).

Thoughts: These were a fairly quick knit, regardless what my time frame actually says. However, I think if/when I make them again, I'm going to use the stitch counts for the sport weight size with worsted yarn. They were a little tight. They're not for me so it's not an issue this time around...but when I make them for myself, I'm going to need a little more room. I'll probably keep the thumb the same (for the number of stitches I pick up). Other than that, woo. Love it.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely Friday :) I should be back on Sunday with my Year of Projects update!


  1. Great projects! Thanks for sharing.

  2. An enjoyable two-fer, Renee. The hat's stitch pattern looks like it'll keep out wind very well. I SO like these fingerless mitts. I looked up the celery color way on Ravelry and it rocks.