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Friday, July 10, 2015

FO Friday - The Unblocked Edition

Happy Friday!

I have a little FO for you to enjoy for today. If you've been reading and keeping up, you may remember that I took a class with Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting on Sunday afternoon. The class was on cable work, specifically twisted cables...which sounds weird because cables are twists in knitting...sort of. Really, it's just knitting stitches out of order. Regular cables are worked over knit stitches but twisted cables entail working with both knit and purl stitches. I've done them before but this was the first anyone has ever actually explained it to me.

So, we had some homework....and by the end of the class, the homework had turned into........

Homework: Alana Dakos (link to Project Page)

Pattern: Not really any...but sort of....from Alana Dakos

Time Frame: started July 1, 2015; finished July 5, 2015 (to be fair, the ribbing was done on July 1, 2015 and the rest of the hat was finished on July 5, 2015 - yes, I cranked out a baby hat in about four hours)

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers Superwash in Celery (less than a half-skein)

Needles: US #5 (3.75 mm) 16" circulars, US #8 (5 mm) 16" circulars and DPNs

Size: Baby (it will fit a 10 month old)

Modification(s): Since there wasn't much of a specific pattern, there aren't really any modifications.

Thoughts: I think when I make something like this again, I'm going to keep a stockinette background except for the block where the traveling cables will hang out. I also need to work out the decreases. Basically, I think I'm just going to play with it.

Now, I must apologize for the photos. The photos were taken immediately upon binding off and weaving in blocking, no washing, no nothing because it was gifted immediately to Julie Crawford of Knitted Bliss, who was in town visiting. She's never been to San Francisco and she's done modeling work for Alana and it all worked out.

So, the photo above is the correct way. It's done on a reverse stockinette background but even the wrong side is pretty.

Speaking of Julie, here is some proof :)

The "nice" photo (excuse my squinty eyes)

Yeah, I don't know either...

And, of course, a silly photo

Thanks to Julie's lovely husband for being our photographer (he's also lovely to listen to as he's English). 

So, there's all that.........

I hope you're all having a lovely Friday :) I should be back on Sunday for my Year of Projects post and I may wander in again and again.


  1. So much fun...and jealous! The hat turned out super cute...

  2. Those are interesting traveling cables. Never seen that before. Great green for your beanie. Like the goofiness.

  3. that was so much fun!! I absolutely adored meeting you in person, and look how much fun we were having in the photos! The hat is perfect, I can't wait for the little model to emerge so I can send you some modelled pics. ;)